An elegant solution for online ticket sales
by Richard Morten
Event Booking Pro

Event Booking Pro is a simple PHP event booking script, that allows webmasters to sell tickets quickly and easily online. It has been designed with ease of use foremost in mind – both from the customer’s perspective, and also in terms of a smooth and straightforward setup procedure.

Mammothology offer a handy little demo over on their site, which we’ll review now. Let’s take a look at the front end first.

The user interface is clean and understated, a basic online ...

The Social Calendar to beat them all!
by Richard Morten
Helios Calendar

Helios Calendar may look simple, but it’s actually an incredibly versatile tool for planning and promoting your schedule.

The concept almost seems redundant these days – after all, a huge number of people are already using the perfectly satisfactory calendars built into their iPhones, Blackberries, laptops or tablets. Do we really need another online calendar app?

The truth is, we probably don’t... but that’s not what Helios Calendar is offering. This unassuming bit of ...

That Get the Job Done!
by Alexander Yovchev
5 Great Job Board Software apps

Job hunting has changed a lot in the past decade. The realities of the modern world dictate that people should look for a job online as the Internet has become the ultimate medium for information exchange. This serves both employers and job seekers because employers have access to millions of Internet users, while job hunters can see thousands of job offers without much effort. It’s a win-win situation that will not change for sure.

Still, the online job market does require something in order ...

A nice tool for car rentals
by Alexander Yovchev
Car Rental Software

The car rental business has been around for decades and will be here to stay for unlimited time, it appears. After all there will always be people who travel to distant places and need an automobile for a week or two, or people who do not want to buy a car but need one. If there’s demand, there’s always someone to meet it and this is exactly what car rental businesses do. Lately most of this activity has been taking place online allowing both rental companies and customers various benefits ...

a way to buy tickets online
by Alexander Yovchev
Event Ticket

Event Ticket – a way to buy tickets online

One of the benefits that the Internet has brought upon us is the opportunity to purchase tickets for events online. No more queues, no more waiting in line, no more worries, no more asking (unemployed) friends to purchase them for you… nothing of this kind! Now you can quickly and easily get tickets online in just a few minutes, pay for them and then get them in the mail. All this is done through specialized software that runs such services ...

A new look at vacation rentals
by Alexander Yovchev
idev – VacationRentals

It’s hard to write about idev-VacationRentals – a software script designed and created by idevSpot – a company that sells such solutions online. It’s not that the software is bad – it just seems different and its web site is also unusual so you don’t really know where to start, simply because everything is shown so smoothly, easily, logically and shortly. 

idev-VacationRentals is a PHP script that allows users to create a vacation rentals listing directory. ...

Something for everyone
by Alexander Yovchev
PHP Tour Script

Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic areas in the world. The Internet, the globalization and the extensive development of airplane networks worldwide have made it possible to quickly get from one place to another, no matter where it can be. The big winner is tourism of course where it is now very easy to choose a holiday destination and be there in a matter of days.

 To operate a tourist company online, however, requires specialized software. There are many scripts now on the Internet ...

A classic in the genre
by Alexander Yovchev
PHP Classifieds

Believe it or not there were times when software choice was limited. These were the Dark Ages of computing when the Internet was excessive luxury, computers cost tons of cash and even worse – there were a limited number of programs you could use. In those ages you had to be really smart to create a unique product that would be seen and then remain on the market. Very few products have achieved this and one of them is exactly PHP Classifieds by the Norwegian company DeltaScripts.

PHP Classifieds ...

the right tool for car dealerships
by Alexander Yovchev
PHP Auto Dealer

As a ubiquitous medium the Internet not only offers unlimited information – it also serves as a place where people can make money. One of the ways to make cash online is to run an Internet car dealership. It is not that hard and you get millions of potential customers while offering a 24/7 service, free and easy online communication and more importantly a large number of cars that your customers can choose from.

If you are thinking of running an online car dealership then you will need software ...

Everything in one package!
by Alexander Yovchev

The mass scale availability of the Internet is perhaps the most important event of the past decade. This universal network connects billions of people, crosses all kinds of frontiers and makes information available to anyone at any time. But it does have its shortcomings as well-it needs constant attention, it has strange rules and most importantly it makes use of advanced technologies that few people understand. These reasons can often be a problem and can put an early end to your online ambitions.

Luckily, ...

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