About Us

Normally a corner is not a place where you are easily spotted. Until now. Not only will people notice you in our kind of corner, but you would want to hangout here forever. 'Nobody puts Baby in a corner' (one of the best movies ever) does not apply in our case.

At GeekyCorner you'll find a great collection of web development tools and an extensive number of scripts and web applications that will make your life easier. Geekycorner.com is a world-class platform to share exciting products and industry news, review software products posted by others, read interviews with CEOs and founders of some of the highest ranking companies in the industry.

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At Geekycorner.com you can even get your products reviewed by our professional writers or be interviewed and published on our platform. You are more than welcome to advertise with us.
An initial project of StivaSoft, (a bunch of geeks ourselves), we're totally committed to making Geekycorner.com your favorite hangout spot. Life's short-Geek Out!