Learning math the fun way!
by Irina Georgieva
Georgi Dyankov

Georgi Dyankov, Business development manager of Jumpido, discusses with GeekyCorner their innovative primary school approach to mathematics. Jumpido is a Kinect-based educational software that promotes physical activity while teaching math.

Please describe Jumpido and your value proposition.

Jumpido is innovative educational software for primary school, which promotes physical activity. With Jumpido the students solve the same type of math problems they solve with pen and paper, but in order the kids to reach to the correct answer, they have to physically move and play with each other! ...

enhance your consumers' experience!
by Irina Georgieva
Lance Brown

Lance Brown, VP of Product Development for Huzzah Media discusses with us how their Loyalty Program helps small businesses improve their online presence. The challenges their company is facing and what's next for Huzzah Loyalty Program find out from our interview with Lance below.

Please describe Huzzah Loyalty Program and your value proposition.

Huzzah Loyalty is a first-class digital rewards program designed especially for small businesses. By offering a program that SMBs can customize, control and afford, we make it easy for small businesses to improve their online ...

explore your surroundings!
by Irina Georgieva
Jason Karas

Jason Karas, Co-founder and CEO of Trover, a location based app shares with us how he came up with the idea for this completely different photo sharing experience. Read Jason's interview below.

What was the inspiration behind the idea for Trover? Was there an ‘aha’ moment, or was the idea more gradual in developing?

Trover co-founder Rich Barton and I are both crazy about traveling, and back in 2011 we were thinking about how difficult it was to record our favorite hotels, restaurants, surf spots, and other cool places, and sometimes share them with ...

Child tracking in a sports band
by Irina Georgieva
Brian Sullivan

What was the inspiration behind the idea for kidpsort GPS? Was there an ‘aha’ moment, or was the idea more gradual in developing?

Two years ago while sitting on a beach in Destin, Floridawith several families on vacation, one of our friends noticed their 9 year old daughter was missing. The last we saw she was searching for sea shells and knee-deep in the ocean. Each parent went in a different direction looking for her but she was gone. We will never forget the feeling of hopelessness we all felt as we wondered if she had been abducted or perhaps drown. The story ended well when nearly ...

mobile messaging for teachers
by Irina Georgieva
Brett Kopf

Brett Kopf, Co-founder of Remind, talks to us about his private messaging service for teachers . Remind101 provides teachers with a safe way to communicate with their students, send them reminders, notes of encouragements, and keep them on track. Read Brett's interview below to learn more about this new exciting service.

What was the inspiration behind the idea for Remind? Was there an ‘aha’ moment, or was the idea more gradual in developing? 

I have a few learning disabilities, namely ADD and dyslexia. When I was in college, a friend sent me a text message reminding ...

You multi-party swapping platform
by Irina Georgieva
Petros Georgopoulos

Petros Georgopoulos, Swapdom CEO, explains to us @ GeekyCorner how their multi-party swapping platform helps you give new life to your secondhand clothes.

Can you explain in a few words the idea behind this "circle" swapping platform and how it all started?

Swapdom is an efficient tool that finds multi-party swaps. Our algorithm is a vital component for peer to peer exchange. We firmly believe that the sharing economy is our home, a space to develop peer exchange environments for physical goods. You simply post items you'd like to trade, then you browse for items you'd like to receive in ...

Text your way to a healthy body
by Irina Georgieva
Vince Han

Vince Han takes time to talk to us about Coach Alba, a weight loss text-messaging system that helps people stay on track and overcome their "crucial moments". Vince is the Founder and CEO of Coach Alba. What's next for them and how he came up with the idea, find out from our interview below.

Can you explain in a few words the idea behind this personalized weight loss/health text messagingplatform and how it all started?
We are passionate about behavior change and we understand that people cannot get a different outcome in their lives (e.g. I want to finally be healthy) without changing their ...

connecting athletes with private sports coaches
by Irina Georgieva
Jordan Fliegel

Jordan Fliegel, CEO and Founder of CoachUp, a Boston-based online network that connects athletes with private sports coaches explains to us the idea behind this service, how it all started, and what's next for .

Can you explain in a few words the idea behind this online service that connects athletes with private sports coaches and how it all started?

Private coaching is the best investment an athlete can make. It's the best way to achieve excellence in your sport, and it develop confidence, work ethic, and an appreciation for mastery that extends far beyond the realm ...

a video streaming platform for kids
by Irina Georgieva
Mike Lowe

Mike Lowe, husband, father, and Founder of Kidoodle.TV, sits down to discuss with us his subscription video streaming service, delivering entertainment and educational programs to kids 12 and under. Kidoodle.TV has no adult content and no commercials and is completely controlled by the parent. Find out how it all started from our interview with Mike below.

Can you explain in a few words the idea behind this video streaming platform and how it all started?

Kidoodle.TV is a commercial-free, subscription video on demand (SVOD) streaming service designedfor children ages 12 and ...

your personal finance manager
by Irina Georgieva
Mike Bertrand

Mike Bertrand, CEO of MoneyStream talks to us about this new free service that helps organize and manage your personal finances. MoneyStream links, coordinates and consolidates the fragmented tasks associated with banking, bill paying, record keeping, payment scheduling and cash flow management into a single, easy-to-use product. 

Can you explain in a few words the idea behind this online money management service and how it all started?

A few years ago I took on the daunting task of organizing my money.  I had one son in college and another preparing for high school. I was ...

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