Can you have it quickly and affordably?
by Irina Georgieva
A top-notch car dealer website


The days that having a website to showcase your cars inventory was something new and edgy have passed. Now the question is not whether to have a website for your car dealership business or not, but how to keep up to date with the latest technologies and ever-changing user habits - both swiftly and budget-friendly. Is this mission possible? 

Before we try to find out the answer, let’s define what’s hip today and what we are after:

  • Mobile optimized websites - So that users ...
A strong foundation of your site.
by Irina Georgieva
Setting up a dating website can be a great way to start or improve your online business. However, if you have ever tried to design a website before and do all the things needed for the site to offer an excellent customer experience, then you know it is vital you have the right tools. Having the right tools for your dating website will determine if it is wildly successful or a constant problem generating very little revenue. Remember, if clients are having problems with your website, then so are ...
A handy bit of software that acts as an in-page app manager.
by Richard Morten
If you’ve ever been through the headache of downloading, installing, configuring and then personalising apps to appear on your page or website, then SiteApp is exactly the solution you’ve been waiting for. This handy bit of software acts as an in-page app manager, helping you to browse and install from a wide range of free and commercial apps. It’ll then govern the way those apps appear on your page, helping you to maintain your brand, while configuring all apps for optimum ...
Design collaboration platform.
by Richard Morten
Pixelapse is a design collaboration platform, offered with the stated goal of improving communication on projects… and providing an easy to access workflow for open source and private design projects. It does this by integrating with a range of popular tools and software packages, allowing comment and collaboration, as well as a number of nifty extra features.
The result? Well, in short, we were impressed. The Pixelapse platform is clean and easy to use, while our main concerns of ...
InVision is a collaborative wireframing platform built around the concept of real-time sharing
by Richard Morten
InVision Review
InVision is a collaborative wireframing platform built around the concept of real-time sharing. It’s great for designers, developers, illustrators and other creative types, as well as providing hefty support for business projects – all the while enabling teams to share their perspectives as well as facilitating comments, chat and feedback on work done.
There have been plenty of similar platforms released in recent years however, so let’s now take a closer look at what ...
Enterprise all-in-one help desk software solution
by Richard Morten
HelpDesk Pilot
HelpDesk Pilot does exactly what the name suggests – this is an all-in-one software solution able to cater to the help desk needs of a busy, professional enterprise. You’ll find modules for email and ticket management, issue tracking, stats and reporting. One of the nice things about this app is just how versatile it is… with a format that could be equally applicable to any industry from education to technology. 
In short, the platform enables you to automate support ...
Boosting the efficiency of your customer support
by Richard Morten is an app aimed at boosting the efficiency of your customer support system… something that it does using an innovative self-service support centre. The app looks professional, sleek, and it can be fully customised to match your brand. What’s more, extensive mobile optimisation allows your users to run the app on whatever desktop, tablet or phone they’ve got in front of them.
It’s also massively scalable – while provides support applications ...
Stay above your competition
by Richard Morten
Top 5 Apps to Help Your Business

Business is changing. It used to be that small or medium-sized enterprises had to work double-time, if they ever hoped to get a shot at the big leagues. However, revolutions in online communication and automation have given rise to powerful CRM software packages in recent years.

By automating key processes and streamlining the way your departments communicate, these platforms are doing a lot to even the playing field… and suddenly, even small start-ups are finding they can compete for larger ...

Online bookings just got easy!
by Richard Morten
Appointment Scheduler by PHP Jabbers

It’s amazing just how many hours can be lost on administrative work. If you’re in a field of business that involves booking time with clients, then no doubt you’re already painfully aware of the time that goes into taking calls, making appointments, managing a diary and sending out reminders… and that’s to say nothing of the huge waste of time which comes with missed appointments!

This new booking script from PHP Jabbers sets out to bypass that particular problem. ...

email marketing software
by Richard Morten
Four of the Top SaaS Clients for Email Marketing

There’s no doubt about it – ‘Software as a Service’, or SaaS, is the quiet revolution which is gradually sweeping its way across the world of online business. It just makes such perfect sense for the contemporary business model; why waste your time and money on managing a whole department, when you can employ powerful web-based applications to manage the same tasks? And by using one of the many software subscription packages available for these streamlined online functions, ...

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