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Enterprise all-in-one help desk software solution

HelpDesk Pilot does exactly what the name suggests – this is an all-in-one software solution able to cater to the help desk needs of a busy, professional enterprise. You’ll find modules for email and ticket management, issue tracking, stats and reporting. One of the nice things about this app is just how versatile it is… with a format that could be equally applicable to any industry from education to technology. 
In short, the platform enables you to automate support processes for your users. This could include technical and IT support, as well as a more product/service based customer support department. A clever ticket management system ensures you’ll be able to keep track of incoming emails and support tickets, and the emphasis throughout is on providing a courteous, efficient, and fully automated service.
Sales pitch aside though, does HelpDesk Pilot live up to its own hype? To answer that question, let’s first take a look at some of the features this system offers.
Help Desk Features
  • There are plenty of features packed into HelpDesk Pilot, which between them allow you to offer an impressively human support facility. Here are a list of the key features included in the software:
  • Automatically create requests and tickets, to track incoming support queries.
  • Email to ticket conversion makes it easy to process and answer messages from users.
  • Categorise and filter emails for ease of reference and reviewing.
  • An attractive end-user web interface adds a sleek, professional finish to the support form.
  • Set ticket priorities and statuses according to urgent requests or time-specific issues.
  • Mail out template-based notifications to many users at a time.
  • Assign tickets to individual staff, ensuring that users are always sent to the person most likely to be able to help.
  • Share private notes, and allow staff to add feedback to tickets.
  • Track resolution times to provide valuable stats about the effectiveness of your support system.
  • Multilingual support makes it easy to deal with users in other countries.
  • A dashboard view gives a good overall glance at the support process.
  • Assign rules and workflows to deal with common problems and frequently asked questions
  • Staff performance reports let you keep track of the effectiveness of your support team members.
  • Full email configuration for popular platforms such as MS Exchange & Google Apps
Open Ticket with HelpDesk Pilot

Putting it to Use
So as it turns out HelpDesk Pilot comes with a comprehensive toolbox, a wide range of features designed to improve not just your user’s experience but also the internal organisation of your support team.
We particularly liked the idea of being able to set up workflows, and automatically assign tickets to certain members of staff. The statistical engines are another neat feature, allowing you to monitor the speed of query resolutions and look at the effectiveness of your individual team members. HelpDesk Pilot doesn’t just provide your support feature then, but it also sends valuable business intelligence to better inform other aspects of your operation.
The email conversion tool is a another clever idea. What it means, is that emails sent to your traditional support address will be scanned and converted into tickets that are then logged on the system. If you’ve ever lost track of queries coming in through multiple addresses and forms, then you’ll already know just how useful this feature could be!
In case all of this were beginning to sound a little overwhelming though, you’ll be glad to know that HelpDesk Pilot manages to boil all the essential details down into a simple, easy-to-use admin dashboard. Here you’ll be able to monitor the ongoing work of your help desk, as well as assigning key metrics that you specifically want to keep an eye on.
For a system that packs so many features, we were delighted by just how straightforward it is to use!
You’ll be able to find out more about this platform at the official website,
HelpDesk Pilot is available in three different editions, Lite, Pro and Enterprise. These retail at either $895, $1195 or $1495 a year respectively. As usual, higher priced subscriptions open up a whole host of additional features – so it’s worth browsing the available features, and making a decision based on the size of your company and the use you expect to get from your virtual help desk.
  • HelpDesk Pilot has a lot going for it, and offers all of the tools you’d expect for a professional, automated help desk system.
  • The tracking features add a nice touch, allowing you to monitor the effectiveness and speed of your support system.
  • We can see HelpDesk Pilot saving a lot of time and effort thanks to its clever email-to-ticket conversion tool!
  • The only real con here is the price – at a starting price of $895, HelpDesk Pilot definitely doesn’t come cheap.
Bottom line
The only real con here is the price – at a starting price of $895, HelpDesk Pilot definitely doesn’t come cheap.
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