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Interview with Lance Brown

Lance Brown, VP of Product Development for Huzzah Media discusses with us how their Loyalty Program helps small businesses improve their online presence. The challenges their company is facing and what's next for Huzzah Loyalty Program find out from our interview with Lance below.

Please describe Huzzah Loyalty Program and your value proposition.

Huzzah Loyalty is a first-class digital rewards program designed especially for small businesses. By offering a program that SMBs can customize, control and afford, we make it easy for small businesses to improve their online presence. Huzzah is easy to deploy, use and with the help of our digital coaches, we ensure that every business owner knows how to make it work for them.

Who are your target markets and users?

Huzzah was built for small businesses (particularly micro SMBs with fewer than 10 employees), but is fit for any business that wants to easily and efficiently improve its digital footprint.  

What was the inspiration behind the idea for Huzzah Loyalty Program? Was there an ‘aha’ moment, or was the idea more gradual in developing?

Having worked with small businesses for decades, we’ve seen a shift in the types of tools SMBs need to compete in today’s digital world. We also noticed that the current tools, i.e., punch cards and other rewards programs, were not made with micro small businesses in mind and therefore, weren’t working for businesses that didn’t have significant budgets and/or resources to dedicate to it.

How is this service different from other similar Loyalty Reward apps?

Huzzah offers digital solutions for this specific segment of small businesses and provides dedicated one-on-one support for the quickest and easiest path to setup, launch and deploy the latest and greatest digital tools.

What strategies do you use to market the service to merchants?

Huzzah currently has several resellers, a digital sales team and online marketing campaigns.

What's the biggest milestone you had to overcome as a company?

Our challenge is to continue to spread the word about the power of these digital programs for small merchants and to educate them about the tools Huzzah has developed that have been tailored to meet their unique needs. Once we get a bigger groundswell of businesses using our platform, customers will have a bigger network of Main Street businesses where they can shop, earn rewards and support their local economies – and that will ultimately help drive more business for Huzzah merchants.

What is your revenue model?

Our customers pay on a monthly basis, and have an annual contract with Huzzah.

What is the coolest feature of Huzzah Loyalty in your opinion?

By integrating our platform with the iPad, our customers get an updated look and feel in their store  - merchants and their customers tell us they’ve really enjoyed interacting with a tablet because it’s an easy way to earn and redeem rewards.

What is your advice for other entrepreneurs?

The best advice is to know the market you’re targeting inside and out – and provide an offering that helps them overcome challenges specific to them. By identifying a niche, and many times, overlooked market, there’s a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to develop a differentiated solution that will stand out from the rest. 

For this segment in particular, we know that merchants are always looking for help improving their business, so if you have the expertise and can show them the way, they are ready to listen.

What are your goals for Huzzah Loyalty over the next year or so?

At Huzzah, we are focused on continuing to innovate to bring the latest technologies to small businesses that help them enhance the consumer experience. We recognize that for SMBs to stand apart in the crowd and continue to compete with bigger brands, they need better engagement and to interact with their customers more often and on a personalized level.

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