A stylish and efficient script for your online shop

Uni-eCart is an attractive and efficient online shopping cart, provided by custom app developers NDOT 

The ecommerce software script is available from their site, and is designed to give webmasters all the tools they require in order to set up and manage a full catalogue of products in one online store.

There are also some great tools on offer here for customizing your shop’s appearance... although before we get too far into the technical stuff, let’s take a look first at some of the main features of a Uni-eCart web store from the customer’s point of view.

Front End Functionality 

Uni-eCart is designed to provide the perfect e-commerce solution for your online sales. Combining a slick interface with a range of features and functions, this neat little script will soon have you up and running with an online shop.

NDOT have provided a handy product demo on the Uni-eCart webpage so let’s give it a go, and see how the user experience shapes up.

Webmasters using Uni-eCart are able to list a large range of details pertaining to each item offered. Customers are given freedom to browse these shopping cart items according to category, exploring a wealth of different features, photos and statistics that the webmaster will be able to upload.


As your customers browse through your shop, they’ll have the option of adding items to their basket for purchasing later. Once ready, they can then proceed to the checkout – shopping carts in Uni-eCart are set up with secure payment gateways, allowing complete peace of mind both for you and for your customers.

Uni-eCart doesn’t feature lots of additional features or services, it simply focuses on doing one job – and doing it exceedingly well. From the customer’s point of view, this is an attractive and streamlined way to shop for products online.

But now, let’s take a look behind the scenes... and find out what else the Uni-eCart online store has on offer for webmasters.

Back of House Benefits

First off, the admin panel: this robust menu system allows webmasters to access a wide range of statistics and site controls, which will make it easy to manage every aspect of your ecommerce software.

Review your product lists and item descriptions, add new products, monitor your sales and shipping records or view comments left by your past customers. You’ll find everything you need here in order to keep your shop fully stocked, while keeping close tabs on your ongoing business.

Some of the more attractive benefits to the Uni-eCart web store include the zero maintenance costs, and the versatility of the platform across a wide range of different markets and industries. You’ll be able to adapt the script to fit your business, no matter what it is you’re trying to sell. Choose from a range of themes in order to select the look that best fits your products, brand and style.

Looking to customize the appearance of your online shopping cart further? Well, NDOT can help out with that too. There’s a specialised team of staff on hand to provide customisation services, while scripts themselves are continuously being upgraded... so when you invest in Uni-eCart, you’re investing in a service that grows with your business.

Your item listings can be sorted exactly how you want them to appear – arrange items by size, type, or any other range of attributes. Depending on the contents of your shop, you can market your items in a format that will appeal to your customer, and make it even easier for them to find what they’re looking for.

You’ll also be able to stock as many items in your online store as you like, thanks to the unlimited product uploads permitted by Uni-eCart. The robust admin panel will make managing your ecommerce software a breeze, while the greater range of choices is likely to encourage more sales from your customers.

One of the best features with Uni-eCart however, is the fact that it’s just so low on maintenance requirements. Set-up is quick, easy and free, while the intuitive and customer-driven interface means that you’ll be able to put in a minimum of management time – letting sales rack up on their own, thanks to the simple and efficient check-out system.


You can pick up a copy of the Uni-eCart script from NDOT’s website, where it retails for $445.

  • Attractive and customizable design
  • Easy to set up and manage your own web store
  • Secure payments system
Bottom line
If you’re looking to set up shop online, then you won’t go far wrong by installing Uni-eCart on your site. This e-commerce solution is polished, practical, and easy to customize for your business with some fantastic controls in place for monitoring sales and deliveries.

NDOT seem to have thought of everything with this script, from social media integration through to a supporting mobile app! As we failed to find any negative points to mention here, perhaps it should go without saying that Uni-eCart gets our full seal of approval.
Review Author: Richard Morten

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