Four of the Top SaaS Clients for Email Marketing

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There’s no doubt about it – ‘Software as a Service’, or SaaS, is the quiet revolution which is gradually sweeping its way across the world of online business. It just makes such perfect sense for the contemporary business model; why waste your time and money on managing a whole department, when you can employ powerful web-based applications to manage the same tasks? And by using one of the many software subscription packages available for these streamlined online functions, the maintenance, the legwork and the day-to-day staffing of such departments are all taken care of by the software provider.


One particular area where SaaS solutions seem to excel, is in that of email marketing and contact management… so we’re going to take a look now at four of the best SaaS clients on the market for managing your business’s email campaigns. 

1. MailChimp 

MailChimp is one of the bigger names out there, and it delivers a strong service stamped with its own unique brand. In addition to all the standard features you’d expect from an online business email platform, MailChimp provides a number of handy extras, too:

You know how different email clients display messages in varying formats? MailChimp allows you to preview your emails as they would appear in Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail and so on, to ensure that you’re always making an attractive presentation.

There’s a large emphasis on social media, as MailChimp offers smooth and seamless integration with platforms such as Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. Follow tweets related to your business, for example, or share your email marketing campaigns with your whole social network!

One further feature that users of MailChimp are either going to love or hate, is the platform’s unique stamp of homegrown humour. Colourful visuals and regular links to funny YouTube videos may not appear the most professional of embellishments to some… but for others, it’s this irreverent quality that really makes MailChimp stand out from the crowd.

On balance, MailChimp delivers a strong and reliable solution for email marketing. It’s powerful, customisable and a little bit quirky, and fitted with a whole arsenal of templates and analysis tools. All in all, you won’t go far wrong with this SaaS email manager.

2. AWeber

Another popular choice for managing mailing lists and email marketing campaigns, AWeber replaces MailChimp’s cheeky humour for a slick, business veneer… and this SaaS platform comes just as well stocked with powerful tools and features.

Using AWeber, it couldn’t be easier to send out a broadcast. The inclusion of mail wizards and an easy set-up process mean that this is one of the better clients for those with little or no experience of mailing list systems. You’ll be able to format mail-outs with ease, as well as setting up the system’s additional features such as auto responders and data analysis engines.

One neat feature included in the AWeber package is the ability to spam-test a message; that is, the platform is able to review the messages you’re about to send, and test to see if they’re likely to set off the spam filters included in some of the top email clients. If your mail-out risks getting sent to your reader’s spam folder, then AWeber will guide you through the changes you need to make in order to get read!

Added to that, are a range of powerful apps and smart integration with platforms such as WordPress. Some users comment that AWeber tends to retail for a bit more than its competitors… but the phrase “you get what you pay for” has never been truer than in this case.  

3. Act-On

Act-On is a big name in the world of SaaS email clients, and it’s easy to see why. In addition to powerful modules such as digital lead tracking, the Act-On business suite offers a great solution for email marketing.

Managers are able to quickly track entire email conversations with their clients, while mail-outs are constructed using a range of intelligent templates that can be fashioned into attractive marketing messages using a WYSIWYG rich text editor.

Don’t be deceived by this deceptively simple package! Act-On includes powerful features such as interactive form builders… a neat addition to your emails which will allow readers to subscribe or sign-up without ever having to click out of the email. You’ll also be able to employ surveys, calendars and more dynamic features within your emails, in order to put out rich and effective multimedia marketing campaigns.

While Act-On may fall a little behind the competition at times (for example in the area of email testing, which here is nowhere near as thorough as clients such as MailChimp), the platform makes up for that in simplicity. Act-On is smart, efficient and easy to use – while cross functionality between the platform’s various modules makes it a great option for businesses looking for a more complete SaaS business management solution.

4. GetResponse

Last but certainly not least, GetResponse delivers an attractive and highly useable email marketing software suite which punches above its weight in terms of features and functionality. In addition to a full range of web-based business management tools – landing page creators, A/B testing features, list boosters and an easy-to-use form builder – GetResponse offers a powerful answer to the need of email marketers everywhere.

Ideal for users without a particularly technical background, GetResponse does an excellent job of streamlining the process of email list management by offering intuitive interfaces and easy-to-use features.

For a start, you’ll be able to take advantage of a smart drag-and-drop interface for designing attractive, media-rich emails! Intuitive responsiveness then ensures that those messages look great on any device, from desktops to mobile phones… with absolutely no effort required on your part.

Not only does GetResponse allow you to create memorable and effective emails, but it’ll also let you tracks them – thanks to an email intelligence suite fitted with a full house analysis tools. So if you’re new to SaaS and looking to achieve big results using only limited knowledge and experience, then you won’t find a much better option than this deceptively powerful software package!

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