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Using WC Checkout Fields Editor Plugin, You can easily manage existing billing and shipping fields. Also You can add new billing/shipping fields and additional fields.
Sometimes it happens when a brief product descriptions and a dozen of images are not enough to better explain and understand features and functionality of a product. In such cases, admin needs to provide additional user guide, document, images, screenshots and presentation as well. Default Magento lacks the feature of allowing file upload from backend, at this time, all you need is Magento File Upload extension by MageComp. The extension allows admin to upload PPT, PDF, word, MP3, JPG, PNG and many...
Avartan slider is the best responsive WordPress slider plugin for creating image galleries, content sliders and video slider.
This Magento extension will allow the administration to enable or disable the Maintenance mode for the store. Display maintenance page as per the options set from system settings.
Let your customers taste your meals with their eyes first! With PHPJabbers' Restaurant Menu Maker you can easily integrate a fancy online menu into your gastronomy website - no matter how it was built. Script admins can select the theme that suits their website branding best among 10 color variations. The online menu script front-end is responsive and loads on various mobile devices regardless of the screen size. This will allow your customers to review your meals anytime and from anywhere. Furthermore,...
PHP Forum Script is an easy to install, flexible and highly compatible online forum software which will add a discussion board on your website allowing users to share their posts, thoughts and opinion on various topics.

If registration is set as required, users can easily create an account by filling in their names, contact details and adding an avatar or real picture, if they wish to. Administrators can modify the registration form of the forum script from its back-end system and choose which...
Magento PopUp Extension allows store owners to display information on different page in the forum of popup screen. The store manager can create multiple type of information using default static block feature. It may include sliders, banners, ads, images, text, coupon code, links etc.

The store owners can define different static blocks for different pages and restrict them to specified group of customers. They can also create a global popup to display on all pages.
Advance forums extension allows store owners to create an online community platform where users can register and post and discuss their questions related to the products and services offered in store. This extension merges both website account and forum profile and display's all settings under one page.
PHP News Script is a stylish news feed widget that can be embedded into your website.
Keep your website content up-to-date in order to gain advantage over competitors and keep visitors and media interested. With this news script you can easily manage news articles using the news management system in the back-end.
This PrestaShop Product Tabs Addon creates multiple tabs on the product page of web-stores. Title of these tabs can be edited according to the need and admin can place related information in these tabs. This extra tabs module enables the e-merchants to place valuable information in a presentable form, also creating ease for their customer to find desired information easily.

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