Event Ticket

a way to buy tickets online

Event Ticket – a way to buy tickets online

One of the benefits that the Internet has brought upon us is the opportunity to purchase tickets for events online. No more queues, no more waiting in line, no more worries, no more asking (unemployed) friends to purchase them for you… nothing of this kind! Now you can quickly and easily get tickets online in just a few minutes, pay for them and then get them in the mail. All this is done through specialized software that runs such services online, as nothing works just like this.

One example of this special software is Event Ticket. Created by a company called Tourismscripts, Event Ticket creates an online portal where you can buy tickets. The software boasts a large number of features that include support for 17 languages and 65 currencies, event picture upload, booking on the same day, show past/actual/upcoming events, search for city/genre/date, subscribe for newsletter, Google Maps, geo locations on map and many more. At the same time the Event Ticket system packs technologies such as headers, footers, banners, meta descriptions, meta keywords, currency symbols and…

And that’s about it! Hosted on a single web site along with other tourism-dedicated scripts Event Ticket does not share much more information about it perhaps of the crowded place it is housed in. There’s some more information that can be shared – the software costs EUR 299 and there’s a demo of it online. Furthermore, if you check the web site of Tourismscripts you will perhaps find out that the company selling this event ticket system does not take refunds and that this software gets distributed online like many others of its kind; in addition you need a server running Linux or Unix with support for PHP 4.x/5.x and MySQL Database access to work properly and you can install a single copy on a single server only. Looks like the demo version of Event Ticket will have to save the day…

Indeed it does succeed some in this mission. The live online demo is really elegant and directly shows what you will get should you purchase this event ticket portal. The demo allows you to change languages and currencies, search for artists, teams, venues, search by region, genre and dates, choose the event type, check your order status and more. You can contact the company via the software and there’s a FAQ should you run into problems. Some parts of the demo, however, have been left unfinished, so don’t expect it to be fully functional but still it gives you a pretty good idea how the software looks like and how it functions. 

Speaking of FAQ lists and contacting the company it appears that support is almost missing even outside the demo. Tourismscripts has listed a few ways to contact the company online but there isn’t much more to it. Event Ticket will leave you asking a lot of questions, that’s for sure, and all you can do is send a company an e-mail message – this is exactly how Tourismscripts puts it on its web site.

Is there anything else that must be said about this event ticket system? Not really. All you will get is a short overview of this software and while it seems promising (and this goes for the live demo too) you will be left a little disappointed. The web site could have been more informative and more attention could have been paid to Event Ticket and its prospective customers. After all not many people will enjoy getting the information they need via e-mail.

Is this event ticket portal any good? It’s hard to tell. It sounds promising given all its features and the really nice looking demo, but you will be left wondering what else is there for the taking and if it’s worth it given the high price tag of EUR 299. And these are the two most fundamental questions that must be answered before any decision can be made at all.

  • Numerous features
  • A really nice demo
  • Uninformative web site
  • Expensive
  • Almost non-existing support
Bottom line
Event Ticket is a system that sells tickets online. While it seems promising thanks to its long features list and the nice demo, the event ticket system leaves a lot of questions without responses and this is the reason it is hard to be recommended at the moment because it may hide bad surprises.

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