5 Great Job Board Software apps

That Get the Job Done!

Job hunting has changed a lot in the past decade. The realities of the modern world dictate that people should look for a job online as the Internet has become the ultimate medium for information exchange. This serves both employers and job seekers because employers have access to millions of Internet users, while job hunters can see thousands of job offers without much effort. It’s a win-win situation that will not change for sure.

Still, the online job market does require something in order to even exist and this is reliable and useful job board software. It can be found on every job search web site as essentially this is the thing that powers it. No matter where you look for a job – be it an online job portal or the web site of a company that’s currently hiring – certain job board software stands behind the picture.

It is hard to have a clear view on the job board software market as there are thousands of companies around the world that create such software, not to mention the number of versions of job board scripts is virtually countless. Still there’s one rule that will remain – there’s good and bad job board software. Bad software is hardly of any interest, as it will likely not do any good so you should focus on solutions that work and here they are:

5 great job board classified scripts that get the job done!

1. SmartJobBoard is a very powerful software suitable for running large online job search databases. It offers an extensive list of features that encompasses virtually everything that is related to job searches and the job market. The software has a very powerful and flexible search engine, internationalisation options with support for multiple languages, e-commerce options, resume posting, video uploads, administrator options and various plug-ins and add-ons. An interesting feature is that it supports mobile technologies and is fully compatible with Apple’s iPhone, Facebook and others.

This software is based on PHP technology and supports Apache, LiteSpeed, Zeus and Lighttpd technologies as well as MySQL 4.1 or higher. Being so feature rich though, SmartJobBoard is not free so get ready to spend between USD 100 and USD 539. The software is well supported and you can rest assured you will be taken good care of in case you run into trouble. You can also take a look at the live online demo to see where your money will go should you wish to purchase the software. The demo will also give you an idea how to use SmartJobBoard as the software is so feature full it may be really hard to use until you learn it. 

2. EasyJobScript is another piece of job board software that comes with numerous features and allows you to create a job board web site. The software features an advanced search engine, enhanced detail and resume pages, multiple languages support, a mobile phone version and more. It bets on easiness of use and allows the installation and usage of various add-ons that will positively affect nearly all aspects of this job portal software. An interesting feature is that it integrates support for Google Maps that will make it easy for you to locate businesses or job seekers. 

This job board portal software requires PHP 4.2 or newer, a web server and MySQL 4 or above but if you run into problems the EasyJobScript comes with excellent support that includes online help, an installation guide and of course access to the software support team. You can also try the online demo of this job board to see how the software package runs and there’s a free trial too but before using it you must contact the company that stands behind this job board software. This hints that EasyJobScript is not free and this is true. Depending on the version and its location expect to spend between USD 149.95 and USD 399.95 to make the software yours. 

3. webJobs  is another job board software that is more suitable for running on a general job board web site rather than within an organization. That is not to say the software is bad – quite the opposite! It comes with a smaller number of features but they address the right job search issues so you are unlikely to find yourself lost within tons of features that do not help your mission. The job board software has some marketing and SEO optimization as well as customization options and supports mobile technologies and the most popular social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. 

The home page of webJobs provides the user with a virtual tour of the job portal software as well as an online demo. The interesting thing about this one is that you must send your name, phone number and e-mail address to the company that develops webJobs (Web Scribble Solutions, Inc.) before you can take a look at the online demo. This might be a hassle for some users, unfortunately. In addition you can’t see what the pricing of webJobs is – instead you must contact the company again for a quote. This might be discouraging to some users but the job board software does look good and is not so overwhelming so it might be a good choice to many users out there.


4. JobSite Professional is another paid job board software. Created by NetArt Media, it costs USD 349 for the Standard version and USD 899 for the Enterprise version but for this much money you get a ton of features that have accumulated over the years in the various versions of this software. Coming to us with version number 3.1 JobSite Professional  offers a large number of useful features that include indeed back fill, a mobile version, LinkedIn integration, unlimited levels front side menu, Facebook connect and many, many other features that are not easy to count. To make it easier on you the JobSite Professional web site offers a few screenshots of the software so that you can see what it looks like and how it functions. Unlike webJobs though with JobSite Professional you can take a look at the online demo right on the web site of the job portal software with no registration needed. If this turns out to be not enough then take advantage of the provided professional support where you can either e-mail the company, call them on the phone or submit a new ticket given you have a technical problem. 

NetArt Media does offer even more though. The company offers discounts on its job portal software, including JobSite Professional and you can even participate in a “buy 2 get 3” campaign. Furthermore, the company has an affiliate program so if you are busy promoting its products you can even make some money. 

5. The last piece of software to take a look at is Job Listing Script. Created by StivaSoft, this job board software features flexibility and power thanks to its extensive features. Some of the main features of this job listing script include a content management system, easy job board administration, custom e-mail notifications, multi language support, and many more. Built on PHP technology, Job Listing Script offers an online demo that allows you to see this powerful job board script in action in various scenarios. The software is really easy to use but if you run into problems you will be in good hands – StivaSoft provides a FAQ list in the form of a Knowledge base and if this does not help then feel free to contact the company for additional help and support. 

Job Listing Script is distributed in two major versions – a User version and a Developer version. Both can be obtained online for USD 69 and USD 99 respectively right after you complete the purchase of this job portal script. The combination of low price, extensive functionality and good support make Job Listing Script an all round solution that will serve you well no matter the circumstances. 

Of course, there are many other job board software solutions but these five will likely do a great job should you decide to create an online job search web site. They are easy to use, they are full of useful features, they offer great support and most importantly they get the job done. So rest assured that no matter which one you choose you will have great experience using them!

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