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As a ubiquitous medium the Internet not only offers unlimited information – it also serves as a place where people can make money. One of the ways to make cash online is to run an Internet car dealership. It is not that hard and you get millions of potential customers while offering a 24/7 service, free and easy online communication and more importantly a large number of cars that your customers can choose from.

If you are thinking of running an online car dealership then you will need software to power the entire business. In this case, you should definitely look at PHP Auto Dealer – a PHP-based piece of software that has been specifically designed for people who want to run a car dealership and auto classifieds online.

What makes PHP Auto Dealer a really good choice is that it offers a large number of useful features that can be easily modified in case you need to do so. The software starts with options to show the latest listings, a search form, an e-mail alert creation form and goes on to include vehicle types such as Cars, Motorcycles and Trucks but you can add your own if a need arises. In addition, the PHP Auto Dealer script makes use of a flexible template system to customize the web site in the way you see fit. Use the included templates or add your own – it’s really up to you!

Another plus of the software is that it is multilingual, which means it will reach people around the globe no matter what their native language is. It does come in Spanish and English only but it uses a text language file that can be translated to any language. Then users of the web site can choose which language to use if they don’t speak English or Spanish. It’s that easy!

Of course it’s always better to experience the software in person so head up to PHP Auto Dealer’s web site and experience this PHP auto classifieds software: there are live online demos that describe different aspects of how the software runs. All you need to do is log in using provided user IDs and passwords and see how the software functions on the inside! In case you don’t want to do this, then head over to the Screenshots section – there you will find numerous screenshots of the software and you will get an idea of how it looks without logging in and looking inside the application.

Created by theUScompany NetArt Media PHP Auto Dealer also comes with excellent support. You can either use the supplied online form, call the company, or email them. The company also has online knowledgebase help in case you have a technical question. In addition, NetArt Media offers an affiliate program. All you need to do is sign up, put links on your web site and get 20 percent commission on everyone who clicks the links and purchases software from NetArt Media within the next 30 days.


PHP Auto Dealer costs USD 149 for the Standard version (for one domain only) or USD 449 for theEnterpriseversion that allows installation on unlimited domains. The good news is that for this much money you get the authentic software source code, free installation on your host, free technical support for one year and there’s no link back required. The fee paid is also a one-time fee, which means you will never have to deal with monthly or yearly fees or taxes.


One peculiarity of the software is that it gets distributed online but you can’t download it after you pay for it. Citing security reasons NetArt Media requires that all orders be validated manually. Once you pay you will receive a download link and setup instructions in your e-mail account. Once you download the software you are not entitled to any refunds, so choose wisely.

Is PHP Auto Dealer any good? It really depends on your needs and budget but the software is so flexible, powerful and feature-rich that it will likely suit your needs with ease given you are willing to spend money on it. There’s also the problem of software retrieval – the process can be cumbersome and time-consuming for some people but this might be needed with regards to security. Still, it’s hard to find any serious fault with this software so it may turn out to be the tool you need to reach success. 




  • Numerous features
  • Flexible
  • Multilingual
  • Excellent support
  • Not free
  • Cumbersome software purchase
Bottom line
PHP Auto Dealer is a good auto dealership software with numerous features and excellent support. Despite its relatively high price and cumbersome online software purchase PHP Auto Dealer will do a great job, working for you.

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