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Help customers easily find the nearest offline store to purchase your products. Use Google map to display store locations with exact address to make the shopping process as easy as it can be.
- Quickly import GEO IP data
- Create unlimited number of store locations
- Upload images for any store you need
- Easily customize Google mark templates
- Create user-friendly URL to store locations page
Automatically define visitors’ locations by IP and redirect them to relevant information. Segment store visitors by location to increase probability of purchase thanks to proper content presentation, familiar currency, and language.
Ajax adds to Cart Plug-in for Magento provides a wonderful experience to your customers. Now you don’t need to think about slow page redirection .Because it’s become very simple to place in or out products on the cart without any time wastage in reloading process.
Some more features are given below
• Add to cart extension support all product types whether simple, virtual, configurable or any other
• Allow cart in header
• This Module Shows progress dialog box
• You can upload...
Allows your customers to subscribe for their favorite products when they are out of stock so they are notified when product is back in stock.

This usefull module allows you to get most of your customers by encourage them to subscribe for out of stock product(s) so they are not disappointed if a product they like is not in stock. An automated email is sent after product is back in stock so they can purchase them.
Magento Google Maps Store Locator extension developed by Aapps to add and display physical stores location on Magento. Merchants can add unlimited store locations with some basic information like address, phone number, working hours, open days etc. The basic information is display when user hover mouse on any of the store location marker. The customer location is automatically detected to provide him directions to the nearest physical store from where he can pick / buy product.
Opencart Import Export extension is released by FmeAddons that allows you to import or export any type of data related to customers, customer groups, products, categories, orders, attributes groups, and options.
By using this Opencart Export Customers extension you can apply specific filters while exporting data. You can also limit the number of entries while importing or exporting data.

Export Options:

- Apply filters while exporting data
- Select your desired store
GEO-IP Ultimate Lock is an Opencart extension released by FmeAddons which allows you to restrict access to desired products, CMS pages, manufacturers; categories, etc. By using this Opencart GEO IP extension you can easily get rid of unwanted traffic. You can block any country, region, cities or any specific IP address.
Opencart GEO IP extension supports IP exceptions, you can grant access to specific IP addresses from the blocked region, country, etc.


- Prevent access to website...
Customer testimonials are a plus point for trust building on new customers. The most effective type of testimonials is Customer Product Photos. The said plugin PrestaShop Customer Product Photos Module allows the customers to upload real photos of your products on your product page. These images acts like image testimonials and are more important for furthers sales of your products. Check the demo of this PrestaShop image upload module for better understanding.
GEO-IP Default Store is an Opencart Multi Store Redirect extension released by FMEaddons which automatically redirect the incoming customers to the appropriate store based on their Geo location.
By using this Opencart Multi Store Redirect extension you can personalize the shopping experience for your customers by redirecting them to pre-configured store. You can easily create and manage different stores for different regions.


- Enable/Disable auto redirection
- Allow manual store...
FmeAddons Product FAQs Opencart module brings an easy way to display products specific questions on product page. Customers can easily find answers to their queries on the product page.

Products faqs are displayed in a user friendly way and visitor can also ask a question right on the product page. Your eCommerce store will not only receive fresh user generated content but it will also clear the confusions your customer may be facing.


Easy installation
Powerful admin panel

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