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Have you ever felt the need to voice your opinion? You sure have and while in real life it may sometimes be hard to do so, the Internet is the perfect place to make your opinion heard. It does not matter how - be it on your own web site or on some other place. But in both cases Concordia Enterprises has a really nice solution for you - the company's reviews and ratings system.

Also known as Censura the reviews and ratings system offers something for anyone. Just like many other software products Censura bets on a mix of functionality and flexibility. Your imagination is the limit as you can choose to work with this outstanding rating software product in a number of ways including doing product or service reviews. You can even review people and places! In fact Censura is so flexible you can review anything!

To create your reviews Censura provides you with a number of useful features that give you an unprecedented amount of flexibility. Now you have the opportunity to write full text reviews for any product, add ratings to reviews or just show the text review, add any type of rating systems (with stars, yes/no fields and others), work with flexible scoring systems not limited to 1-5 stars and more. In addition subcategories in your reviews can also inherit rating systems. It really is up to you!

The flexibility parade continues with Censura’s ability to run as a standalone application or as an application that functions alongside an existing community platform such as vBulletin v3.5 and v4.0 or Invision Power Board. Other supported boards include WordPress, SMF, phpBB 3+ and XenForo. To make it easier on external users the Censura software allows them to not maintain separate logins. Instead this smart PHP raview and rating system will recognize their forum login details automatically! In addition this rating software allows the web site administrator to create different groups with variable permissions for everyone.

To make things even sweeter Censura comes with functionality that allows you to make some cash! This ratings software arrives with built-in support for affiliate schemes such as Amazon. Thus, you can link your reviews to one of the numerous online retailers and make some money on every sale generated. Here flexibility has not been forgotten either - users can display their affiliate content in any way possible!

The magic of this extensive functionality is hidden in the PHP code that lies beneath the visuals. Censura makes use of this powerful programming language to allow complete customization that can completely alter the look and feel of your web site. But that’s not everything – the people who have created this wonderful review and rating software have gone one step further. The PHP code used is completely separate from the HTML templates and the language files in the program, which means even non-technical people can customize almost everything whenever they want! Now this is thinking about everyone!


As with everything else it’s better to experience it rather than just read about it. This is the reason why Concordia Enterprises has added a live demo of this ratings system that anyone can access. It is simple to use but has limitations as it comes with no forum integration and uses just the default theme. Support has also been provided – there’s a searchable database and access to rather active forums that may be able to provide you the answers you need. However you cannot contact the company directly. Instead you are prompted to fill in a contact form and then wait for the people behind Censura to get in touch with you. 

Now you might think that this extensive functionality comes at an extra cost but you will be wrong. Concordia Enterprises has taken steps to simplify the licensing process and this is the reason why it offers a single license for their review and rating software that sells for USD 149.95. This one time fee allows you to install the ratings system onto a single web site and use it indefinitely. You also get 12 months of free upgrades that even include major versions upgrades (e.g. from version 2.x to version 3.x). When this 12 month period is over you can pay an optional fee that will give you 12 more months of free upgrades. In any case you have access to lifetime support. Sadly, a free version of this software is not available at this moment but this is somewhat compensated by the demo that demonstrates the capabilities of the ratings system.


The overall impression of Censura is definitely positive. For a decent price you get excellent functionality and flexibility, the opportunity to make some cash, powerful underlying code, a fully functional demo that shows you how the ratings system works before you purchase it and wide support. True, support could have been more straightforward but when you take all the positives into account this peculiarity somehow fades. So, get Censura and raise your voice on the Internet!




  • Very flexible
  • Many useful features
  • Powerful underlying code
  • Not expensive
  • Live online demo
  • Somewhat strange support model
  • No free version available
  • No straightforward support
Bottom line
Easy to use powerful software with a large number of useful features. Despite the not so straightforward support process Censura has many advantages and will allow you to be seen and heard on the Internet. A very useful product that can make the difference you need!

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