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Flynax is an online provider of classifieds software built specifically for non-technical users.
I interviewed John Freeman, Flynax founder to find out more. Big thank you to John for the interview!

When did Flynax start making classifieds software?

I don't remember the exact date, but we definitely started in early 2006. In 2007 we made the first release.

Can you describe the team behind Flynax in a few sentences?

We are a team of young developers. Some might say that it is a disadvantage for a company to have young staff but we think otherwise. I believe the world of web technologies is the world of young people, who have stamina and nimble minds to learn new things on the go and do great things. So being young helped us do what we did. We use simple communication between each other. When we are tired in view of backlogs or heavy coding we have fun together, for instance we can go to the mountains or rafting and other fun activity, like one big family.

What creative approach do your web developers use to make Flynax classifieds software unique and different from the competition?

I believe creativity has to do with a particular person, with his unique way of thinking and ability to come up with well-thought out solutions. That's why I don't make people do things my way. I let them find their own solutions, which might be better than mine. When we plan to make a large module we always discuss its development in a group and listen to every person, sort of brain storming. More importantly, we always follow the latest trends in web technologies rather than old school in order to make advanced products and be ahead of the competition.

Who would you say is your biggest competitor?

It is a delicate question and I don't feel like going too deep into it but I can tell you that we do have competitors in our niche. Some of them are quite smart and advanced, others can hardly be considered to be our competitors, but every company does what it can. So, we respect them for their achievements and at the same time we do our best to be ahead of them.

Out of all Flynax classified scripts which one is the most popular?

Based on our own stats I can tell you that the most popular products with our customers are auto and real estate scripts because people always sell and buy their cars and houses. It's not a cell phone you can look for in the nearest store but rather things that are sold or rented in different locations and you need a really good online platform to collect them in one place-cars, houses, etc.  

What's the biggest milestone Flynax had to overcome as a company?

When you start developing software you always have to face a few challenges. First, you have to put a lot of effort and time into your project in order to make really good software because if you make an inferior product you will not be able to break even much less make a profit. Second, you always have to fight your doubts because you are not sure that your project will take off; in other words it is like jumping over an abyss. So releasing the first version of Flynax Software was the very milestone that we had to overcome.

You have recently launched Flynax for iPhone Application – iFlynax, have you got the feedback and growth you expected since its launch?

We welcome all feedback from our iFlynax users. Some of it is critical, some positive. We are glad to listen to both in order to adjust the app based on users' comments when working on an upcoming release of iFlynax, and praise ourselves for our remarkable accomplishments. Currently, we are working on a new version of iFlynax. We are sure our users will like it. As the Internet is moving towards mobile environment we expect an increased growth in the near future.

Do you have any new web applications in the pipeline?

We are working on new features and update existing ones on a regular basis. We are developing a few new plugins and features concurrently and don't want to disclose new applications that are being developed, but one thing we can reveal to you: it will be a great module that will be connected to Facebook. We are also working on a shopping cart (with a bidding option), which will allow us to enter a niche of online stores.

What are the top three resources (e.g. trade journals, websites, blogs) your developers use to keep current with the latest technology and news?

Google is the most frequently used source because it offers information and solutions to problems from many sites. We also check quite often, different APIs and developers' sections of large resources. 

What do you consider the best opportunity / language for young web developers to be getting involved in right now?

The world of web technologies evolves quite fast so I cannot advise on any particular language or area to focus on. I believe that every young developer should choose a specialty following his heart. I can only give you a few general recommendations:  keep up with modern trends, boost your logic because good coding has a lot to do with logic, and also learn to budget your time and resources. I believe these are the barebones of good coding, no matter what language you learn.


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