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The mass scale availability of the Internet is perhaps the most important event of the past decade. This universal network connects billions of people, crosses all kinds of frontiers and makes information available to anyone at any time. But it does have its shortcomings as well-it needs constant attention, it has strange rules and most importantly it makes use of advanced technologies that few people understand. These reasons can often be a problem and can put an early end to your online ambitions.

Luckily, there’s a software solution in the form of an open source content management system (CMS) that can remedy most of these issues. Called Subrion, this software package offers an easy way to manage your web site without putting too much effort in and makes it easy for anyone to add new content and ultimately be seen online among millions of other web sites.


Subrion is a free open source PHP content management system with an amazing number of software features, designed to make your life a whole lot easier. Written in PHP 5 and using a MySQL database, Subrion allows an easy web site integration. In case you do not wish to do this, you can use Subrion as a stand-alone software platform.

Subrion CMS comes with a number of important core features that can be further enriched using a great number of additional plugins and free professional templates! This makes it extremely powerful yet flexible and it can easily meet all kinds of demands in the real world.

You want proof? Here it is. A brief glimpse at the core features will reveal a powerful dashboard that tracks your daily visitor count using a large number of metrics. Then you get full control on displaying content anywhere on your web page. The list continues with custom fields that can be specified for any listing, support for Google Maps, which means you can put your location right on your web site, paid listings, various SEO features, and much more. All this needs just a few minutes to install and if you run into problems you can rely on Intelliants - the company that stays behind this software. Customer care goes as far as getting free installations for every customer. The purchase of this open source CMS system also entitles you to six months of free upgrades and support from the company.

Even though Subrion content management system is free you will likely have to spend some money to make it work for you in the best possible way . For example, while most plugins are free but some go as much as USD 79. Then again, Subrion is just a core package and if you wish to do specific work you will need additional software. If you want to go into articles, auto classifieds, coupons and deals, yellow pages, web directories, real estate and the like you are in luck – Intelliants sells these software packages that work right with the content management system so you will have your web site set up in no time. Unfortunately, they do not come free – thus the articles script starts at USD 99, the auto classifieds script costs USD 199 and the yellow pages script will set you back with USD 399.

The good news is that Subrion offers live online demos of the core software and the scripts so you will clearly see where your hard earned money goes. An additional plus is that the software distribution is done online so you won’t have to wait for CDs and the like to arrive in the mail. Instead you can get your software now and you can start working within hours.


It’s hard to find fault with Subrion. It is nearly the perfect content management system as it comes with a free core version with excellent functionality, a large number of additional plugins and scripts, live online demos, excellent support that even has a pre-sales team ready to help you and six ready-to-go scripts that cover much of the online market. Still, the software is not entirely free and this might turn some users with limited budgets away. Also, you will have to go through a learning curve but this is a universal rule so it may not be a negative after all.

Going into online business? Take a look at Subrion. You will end up being nicely surprised.

  • Extensive functionality and handy features
  • Online demos available
  • Excellent support
  • Paid plug-ins
Bottom line
Subrion is a great CMS solution that offers a large number of useful features. A downside is that some additional plug-ins are paid but many of them are free too. A good choice for web site management

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A strong foundation of your site.
April 16, 2014
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