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PHP News Script, StivaSoft
PHP News Script is a stylish news feed widget that can be embedded into your website.
Keep your website content up-to-date in order to gain advantage over competitors and keep visitors and media interested. With this news script you can easily manage news articles using the news management system in the back-end.
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Top Features of PHP News Script

PHP News Script Feature


The latest version of TinyMCE provides you with the best possible solution for managing text content, multimedia and links. By using the PHP News Script, the content management is as simple as editing a document in MS WORD.

PHP News Script Feature


Add any language you want using the Built-in multilingual module. The PHP News Script is easily translatable as well.

PHP News Script Feature


The script allows you to add an unlimited number of news managers / editors to the news management system. News editors can add and edit news articles, but have no access to the options and settings.

PHP News Script Feature


Four layouts are available in the news widget. You can select the desired layout when you generate the integration code and preview the news feed widget before embedding it on your website.

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PHP News Script, Content Management PHP News Script, Content Management
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