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Collabion Charts for SharePoint, FusionCharts
Collabion Charts for SharePoint provides a quick and easy way to create insightful dashboards in SharePoint®, without the need for MOSS or Excel Services. It works with WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, all editions of SharePoint Server 2010 and SharePoint Server 2013, including Foundation server.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint can be installed and used to create your first dashboard in less than 15 minutes. It has a wizard-based installation and chart creation process, which means you never need to write a line of code. The charts are animated, interactive and are sure to "wow" your users. Even if you are already using the default Charts Web Part in SharePoint, Collabion Charts for SharePoint offers you more chart types, stunning animations, high level of interactivity and support for drill-downs.
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Top Features of Collabion Charts for SharePoint

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Works with all SharePoint versions, including Foundation server:

It works the same across WSS 3.0, MOSS 2007, SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint Server 2013, including Foundation Server, without the need for Excel Services.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Easy to install and use, no coding required at all:

Fast installation. No need to know programming. Charts are created and edited using the design-time wizard.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Connects to multiple data sources:

The data to plot the charts can be retrieved from SharePoint Lists , Views, CSV string or files , Microsoft SQL Server , Oracle, Excel & BDC with the same ease of use.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Supports filtering, grouping & drill-down:

Logical, boolean and date filters can be specified on data sets to narrow down the data to be plotted on the chart. Further, they can be re-grouped using a different set of parameters and then drill-down can be enabled.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Renders in both JavaScript (HTML5) & Flash:

Charts are rendered using JavaScript (HTML5) and Flash, and hence work on all major platforms, browsers, and devices including iPhones and iPads.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Interactive charts:

The charts are highly interactive with tooltips, drill-downs, selective display of data and scroll & zoom capabilities, enabling a rich user experience.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Reduces server load:

In traditional charting systems, the charts are generated as image at the server side - a heavy server side operation. Collabion Charts for SharePoint brings you great relief - all the charts are rendered at client side.

Collabion Charts for SharePoint Feature
Can be exported as images/PDF:

Individual charts, or all charts on a page can be collectively exported as image or PDF for offline use. The charts can be printed as well.

License & Pricing Information
$399/WFE server
$1299/WFE server
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Collabion Charts for SharePoint, Business & Finance Collabion Charts for SharePoint, Business & Finance
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