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FusionCharts Suite XT, FusionCharts
FusionCharts Suite XT helps you create beautiful and interactive charts, gauges and maps. Packed with power features like image/PDF chart export, Mozilla chart printing, multi-level drill-down charts, interactive legend, zoom and scrolling options, 3D capability charts, real time charts, multi language charts, and many more, FusionCharts Suite XT is the industry's the most comprehensive system of its kind on the market.
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Top Features of FusionCharts Suite XT

FusionCharts Suite XT Feature

Interactive Legend

An interactive legend is available for charts that have multiple series of data. Users can click on the icon for specific data they want to focus on and hide any other data

FusionCharts Suite XT Feature

3-D capabilities

3D charts could be rotated in all 3 dimensions to get the best possible view of data.

FusionCharts Suite XT Feature

Real-time Charts and Gauges

FusionCharts Suite XT provides real-time charts and gauges with automatic updates from the server without refreshing the entire page

FusionCharts Suite XT Feature

Image/PDF Export

FusionCharts Suite XT allows users to export their charts into an image (JPEG and PNG are supported), or a PDF format. Server, client side, or batch export modes are available for flash charts. JavaScript charts only support server-side exporting

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FusionCharts Suite XT, Business & Finance FusionCharts Suite XT, Business & Finance FusionCharts Suite XT, Business & Finance FusionCharts Suite XT, Business & Finance
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