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Today’s world is all about money. No matter what you do in your life most of it is dedicated to money and making more of it. Yet as much as money is important to all of us, it is as easy to lose track of it - forget transactions and costs, miscalculate income, expenses and taxes and ultimately get lost in numbers. This is the reason why anyone, especially businesses, need a helpful software tool in order to manage money professionally, save hassle and time and keep money-related things in order.

Which program to choose? There are many options on the market with each one of them offering unique characteristics and features. But if you are looking for a reasonably priced solution with interesting features, look no further - Blesta is right for you!

Created by a company known as Phillips Data, Blesta is a specially optimized professional client management, billing and support software with modular design that allows it to fit almost all business types including web companies and developers. It matches a number of useful features with a relatively low price, extensive support and something else not seen elsewhere!

Starting with the features Blesta bets on a clean and intuitive user interface that brings more commonly used options up front and hiding less commonly used ones. This results in a simple and powerful user interface that makes doing your job a pleasure. This invoicing system also offers clean and informative graphs for nearly everything that makes it easier to see and understand trends. They span two years of time so history is right in front of you too! Furthermore, you get automated fully customizable invoices, automated database backups, web tickets, e-mail tickets and integrated high level security. This makes Blesta a really useful invoicing system for any accounting purpose, not to mention the functionality galore! Guess what though, Blesta is also fully customizable. This means the source code of the program is not encoded so if you want to modify it and add your own changes to it then go for it! Amazing, isn’t it?!


Support has not been forgotten either and honestly, this is an underestimation. It’s there and it’s great! You can find the answers yourself using video tutorials, a manual, and forums where you can ask questions. If you seek professional help Phillips Data has got you covered too -  you have direct access to Blesta's account management team, you can e-mail the company or you can simply call them to get live support right on the phone. For all users who want to experience Blesta before they buy it, the parent company Phillips Data has also prepared a live online demo that lets you get the feeling of what it is like to use the program as a customer or as an administrator and see how it functions on the inside. Now you will know where your hard-earned money goes before you spend it!


But Blesta comes with something else too – there’s a reseller system that allows you to make some extra cash by becoming a reseller of the program. It offers two major reseller accounts to do that – Standard and VAR (Value-Added Reseller). The Standard reseller account offers everything - you can sell or offer licenses to anyone, you can offer monthly or owned licenses and more while the VAR account is a more limited version of the Standard account that can only sell or offer licenses to customers. To get into the game you must have initial funding that ranges from USD 500 to USD 7500. The more you pay the more benefits you get such as lower monthly license fees and lower prices of owned licenses. Thus you can make cash selling Blesta to other users and offset your own expenses!

Speaking of licenses here’s what Blesta costs – the parent company Phillips Data offers two major options – you can either pay a monthly fee of USD 12.95 or you can get an owned license for USD 174.95. If you hurry though you may enjoy the much lower price of USD 99 for a full license until version 3 of Blesta gets released. If you don’t want to pay right now then try the 30-day free trial and experience this nice program at no cost. But what does it take to run Blesta – fortunately not much. You just need a Linux or a Windows machine as well as PHP 5.0+ with cURL and OpenSSL, MySQL 4 or 5, Apache or IIS and Source Guardian or ionCube.

Blesta may exactly be the blessing you need when dealing with money in your small business company. It is straightforward, easy to learn and simple and offers a number of options when it comes to licensing. You can either pay monthly or get a full license and then make more money out of it using the available reselling system. Really, given all the features and the functionality plus the low price, you can't go wrong with Blesta so go ahead and get blessed with it!

  • A simple and powerful software program
  • Extensive support
  • A reseller system
  • Relatively low price; monthly fees if you don’t want to purchase it
  • Possible difficult learning curve
Bottom line
A simple and powerful software program with excellent functionality and support that offers an opportunity to cash on it. An excellent choice when it comes to running a business!

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