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Client appointments of all sorts are crucial to small business owners, who offer a number of services. It can’t be any other way as they set the stage for live client interaction later in time, make the entire business tick and generate money. Yet it is often difficult to handle appointments as they are easy to forget and hard to readjust if such need arises. Fortunately a company known as Hitcode is here to help with its wonderful hitAppoint appointment scheduling software.

Purposely developed for small business owners who offer various services hitAppoint is a PHP script that makes the scheduling and handling of appointments a breeze. The booking software is simple and easy to understand but at the same time it comes with a number of useful features. For example users of this script will be able to enjoy fully flexible availability configurations in any location/resource/service combination. Thus, you can set appointments that are valid for certain dates, weekdays, locations and time periods only – a very useful feature that will save you the hassle of not being able to schedule an appointment in the exact way the customer specifies. 

Another great feature of hitAppoint is the possibility to sell services in multiple packs. This kind of marketing not only saves you precious time but also has better marketing appeal to customers who will also be spared from the unpleasant task of buying and scheduling appointments one by one. Speaking of this they can also book several appointments at a time, including recurring options thus greatly speeding the entire booking process. An interesting feature of this PHP web script is the opportunity to give a preferred time slot for an appointment. Once done the system can automatically find the available time slots easing the entire process – a great timesaving feature! Furthermore the software comes with integrated payment options such as Paypal and Sage Pay right out of the box giving you the opportunity to schedule an appointment and receive payment for it easily rounding out your entire business process in no time.



But what happens if you have some very specific requirements and needs? Don’t worry – the people at Hitcode have thought about this too. hitAppoint is very flexible appointment booking software that allows extensive modifications. Thus the software can be readily modified to fit your needs with no additional costs. It is as simple as that!

hitAppoint also comes with a long list of other features. They are all great but a few deserve special attention. For instance next to being a PHP script hitAppoint can function perfectly well as a WordPress appointment scheduling plugin and a Joomla appointment booking module. Users also get additional plug-ins, help guides, appointment e-mail remainders, SMS text message notifications and many, many more useful features. Feel free to experience them yourself thanks to the integrated live demo that does not require any IDs or passwords – another example of excellent service by Hitcode! 

Depending on the software capabilities the company offers four versions of this excellent script. Pricing ranges from USD 129 for the Solo version (only one web site allowed, only one administrator) to USD 499 for the most complete Developer version (ten allowed web sites, full feature support, allowed rebranding). The Pro (USD 179) and the White Label (USD 249) versions sit right in the middle with the only difference being that the White Label offers rebranding, which the Pro version lacks. As expected from this more expensive software there’s full feature support too. Getting the software is easy – once you pay with your credit card or via PayPal you will immediately get the software in your e-mail account. Hitcode does offer a free version on its web site but as with almost all free software this one comes with no support and no guarantee it will work properly on your web site. 

Support is another story. hitAppoint comes with company support but it has been realized in a rather strange way. The company does not list any support phone numbers or addresses on its web site, instead you are prompted to contact Hitcode via an integrated contact form or search help in its forums. The reason is rather simple – according to the company’s experience this support model works best for both sides as it allows better communication and better overall results. Still, you are not likely to need it as Hitcode has been in this business for a long time and has the experience to create perfectly working software.

hitAppoint is a very interesting appointment booking software that offers a large number of options. It is both flexible and simple and offers some really attractive features that can greatly ease your business management. Given its low price and the free version available there’s nothing to lose except if you don’t try it – so don’t make this mistake!

  • A large number of useful features
  • Flexible and compatible
  • Not too heavy on your wallet
  • Live online demo
  • Free version available
  • Somewhat strange support model
  • Free version may not work for you
Bottom line
Useful software with great features. Despite the strange support model hitAppoint will empower you and your company and will help you achieve better business results. Definitely a winning product!
Review Author: GeekyCorner Team

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