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Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the power of the Internet anywhere without knowing too much about its internal workings and programming? Wouldn't it be nice if you could change your web site in a few minutes without knowing way too much about PHP?

The answer is definitely yes, but who’s to help in such situations? Actually there’s something that can help you - a really smart computer program called Scriptcase that generates website PHP code in no time!

Sounds too good to be true? If it does then you are wrong – Scriptcase does exist and gets the job done! It is a powerful tool that saves time, increases web development productivity and boosts profits. It helps you develop complete PHP systems and customized reports, it builds applications very quickly and it works with any web browser!

It is really hard to describe this PHP form builer because it offers so much functionality in one place it would be overwhelming to just try to count all the features let alone describe all of them. This of course is a good thing for almost anyone familiar with PHP but may present some hard time to first time users. Then again it's better to have more functionality than less of it especially when you pay for it so here's what Scriptcase offers - PHP forms that can be generated in just a few clicks, a PHP editable grid that enables multiple record editing capabilities, automatically calculated PHP reports and charts, the ability to add custom code using integrated macros, extensive database support, multiple database connections, internationalization and many, many more features that can suit any of your needs. So rest assured that whatever you need Scriptcase has it!

Another place where Scriptcase really shines is support! This php form generator is backed by extensive support options that include a dedicated forum for Scriptcase users, an online blog that describes various scenarios where Scriptcase will be of particular value, a special support section that offers a FAQ list, documentation, examples, videos and an entire knowledge base. If this is not enough then you can contact NetMake - the company, which has created this innovative RAD tool. There you have options again - you can either send a message to the company or call the sales department for more information and help. Really, you can’t get lost or be left out helpless if you need support!


NetMake, however, goes one step further! The company not only has a working fully featured demo of Scriptcase on its web site (good for 20 days) but it has also included an e-learning section on its web site with free video lessons, courses and documentation on how to use the program. You can either learn at your own step and whenever you feel like it or take an online webinar that gets scheduled on a regular basis and requires just a day of your time. The company goes so far it also offers training in other languages such as Spanish next to the English language that we've become used to seeing anywhere. Really neat! 


In case you like this php form builder (and it’s hard not to) then NetMake has a really versatile offer for you. As expected you can purchase Scriptcase on the Internet and have it in no time but the program comes in a number of flavors that can meet any expectation and most importantly any cost. Scriptcase comes in no less than 9 different versions that start at USD 349 and then go up to USD 449 depending on the functionality present. There’s also an Enterprise Edition version that is suitable for multiple developers but this version starts at USD 599 (down from the original USD 649). Then if you order more than one copy you are entitled a discount that starts at 20 per cent for two copies and quickly goes up to 30 per cent if you get five copies of Scriptcase. Finally there's an upgrade version that allows you to upgrade a previous version of this php form generating program to the latest one - but the cost here is unknown. Speaking of versions the latest one of Scriptcase is number seven, which means that the company behind it has enough experience to produce a quality product and that most bugs have been worked out but in case you bump into one, which is highly unlikely, then you can use the provided great support.

All in all Scriptcase is simply an excellent product! It is very difficult to find an issue with this php form builder – it helps you build PHP websites, saves you time and effort, offers very extensive functionality, great support, tutorials that teach you how to use it and a number of versions that can suit any need! It is not perfect for sure as nothing is but it is very close to being there so chances are you will gain by using it instead of the opposite. So why not try it?

  • Rich functionality
  • Extensive support options
  • Training lessons provided
  • Various versions to choose from
  • Possible difficult learning curve
Bottom line
A very innovative and helpful software product with rich functionality, excellent support, various versions to choose from and a free demo. You simply cannot go wrong!
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