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Earn cash for your content, with this simple membership script

PHP Membership Site Manager Script is a straightforward piece of membership software, provided by the developers at e-soft24. The thinking here is simple – it’s a no-frills, clean-cut subscription script, which offers users a quick and effective way to start charging for access to restricted areas of their website.

We’ve all seen those sites offering enticing ‘members only’ buttons... usually powered by a login script, and then charging a nominal one-off or recurring fee for access. The idea is a strong one, in that it allows you to generate an ongoing income for very little commitment on your part. All you need to do is make sure there’s something attractive hidden behind those doors!

What PHP Membership Site Manager Script does, is to provide the missing ingredient: a client script that will help your users through the sign-up process, collect payments, and then provide you with a list of fully-fledged members.

So with this formula in mind, let’s take a look at exactly how the script completes its purpose.

How PHP Membership Site Manager Works

From the user’s point of view, the membership software here is simple. The ‘Member Registration’ screen allows users to specify a name, an email and a password. They’ll be able to select between your provided membership options... whereupon clicking the ‘Save’ button will bring them straight to a PayPal form.

And it really is as simple as that!

Once a user has paid for their selected membership package, they’ll have a sign-in name and password which will enable them to access the restricted areas of your site... and begin to enjoy the rewards of a paid membership.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, webmasters will be able to keep an eye on proceedings using a simple, clean and easy-to-use control panel. From this ‘User Manager’ screen, you’ll be able to review a list of your registered members... with the option of sorting entries according to ID number, first or last name, email, creation date or even status.

Aside from basic member profiling details, that last field will display the current status of said member’s dues; in the case of a one-off membership fee, it might read ‘Registered’. In other cases though, such as with membership plans that require a regular, ongoing payment, this field could display results including ‘PayPal SignUp’, ‘PayPal Cancelled’ or ‘PayPal Failed’.

As such, the ‘User Manager’ screen of this login script provides a handy way of checking up on your customers at a glance – see who’s paid, who’s owing, and who’s lost their privileges, all with just one quick look at the list. 

Any Other Features to Consider?

Nope... that’s about it! This is a simple membership software script, with only a couple of different screens in total. However, if you’re looking for a basic and easy to install package that will effectively manage your subscriptions, then you won’t go far wrong here.

There are a few other neat features packaged inside this login script, of course – you can set up and choose between different currencies, as well as adjusting subscription periods and of course prices. The script will automatically deactivate delinquent accounts, while users can enjoy the security of htaccess directory protection.

Webmasters are able to do a certain amount of customisation, in order to better fit the script into an existing site. It runs in PHP, requiring a server with Mysql database, PHP4 or higher and htaccess-enabled web hosting...

Technical details and additions aside however, PHP Membership Site Manager Script does everything – and not much in addition to – what its name would suggest.


You can purchase this handy subscription script from the developers at e-soft24 [], where a lifetime license – complete with one year of free script updates – retails at $29.95 USD.

  • Simple, lightweight, easy to use.
  • Can be customized to look natural on your site.
  • Includes every basic feature you’ll need to get up and running.
  • Affordable price tag!
  • Could benefit greatly from integrating member accounts with social media accounts to allow faster sign-up.
  • Plenty of room for more features... such as alternate payment methods, statistics, newsletters, and so on.
Bottom line
At just under $30, you’re unlikely to break the bank with a purchase of PHP Membership Site Manager Script.

Sure – there are better, more elaborate, more attractive and more intelligent scripts out there when it comes to setting up and managing the members’ area of your website... but if you’re simply looking to get yourself up and running, then you won’t go far wrong with this foolproof subscription script.

PHP Membership Site Manager Script will allow you to start earning money from your site straight away... provided you’ve got the quality content to attract users in the first place!
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