an elegant solution to offering tour bookings online

ICTravelling is a new product from ICloudCenter, and this clever little travel script will enable webmasters to set up a swift and elegant solution to offering tour bookings online.

This vacation site PHP script is designed to cater to the needs of travel operators both large and small, offering a system for keeping your customers – and potential customers – fully up-to-date and informed on the packages you offer. In addition to maps and news segments, your users will then be able to book travel packages online using a straightforward PayPal checkout system.

So if you’re planning on leading an expedition into the unknown – or even simply helping customers to find the best package beach breaks – ICTravelling offers the perfect tourism site software solution... and can help you set up shop, providing all the information your customers need to know as well as a user-friendly way to make their bookings.

Spotlight on Features 

All of the features built into ICTravelling can be controlled and modified using a streamlined admin panel; but before we have a go at using that, let’s review the various features that are offered by this vacation site PHP script.


If you’re running tours to multiple different countries, then you’ll be able to share relevant information about each destination with your customers on separate location overview pages. For example, keep your customers up-to-date on weather conditions, or what to wear during their holiday... you can also provide handy tips on culture and cuisine, or any other information that you think is going to help your users before they travel. You can even include notes on average water temperature or top attractions. 


In this section you can brief your users about the types of accommodation included in your travel packages. Add photos of the guestrooms, the dining room, the pool – or provide useful information about hotel rates and policies. 


One of the nicest things about this script is the ability to browse tours using a handy atlas navigation system. Users will be able to look at a map of the world, before searching for specific tours as they browse from continent to continent. As a result, your tours are going to look far more exciting than they would if simply offered in a text list.


Here you’ll be able to keep your users up to date both with your news, as well as any breaking news relevant to the destinations you serve. Your customers will also be able to sign up for email updates, keeping them abreast of your news as it happens... an essential feature for any tourism site software.

Back of House

So we’ve taken a look at how ICTravelling works from the user’s point of view – but now lets consider how this travel script functions from the webmaster’s perspective.

First off, ICTravelling is configured using PHP5 and runs a MySQL database... so as a result, webmasters are likely to find this a very convenient piece of script to install and integrate, with superb compatibility and a large scope for customisation. No matter how unique or stylised your site may be, you’ll quickly be able to have the script looking at home.

ICloudCenter offer a handy tour of the admin panel on their site, which will enable any would-be buyers to get a good feel for the options included in the script.

As you tour the admin panel, you’ll soon find that pretty much every aspect of this tourism site software is fully customisable. Admin will be able to set up payment amounts, PayPal addresses and view the payment processing system.

You can add, edit or delete your listings at any time, while a convenient overview screen will allow you to check all of your active listings at a single glance.

Perhaps the most important aspect is the content editor – this is where webmasters really get the chance to sell their tours, by uploading photos, travel plans, destination details and other information. It will also allow you to make changes to other pages in the script, such as listings for ‘Contact Us’, ‘About Us’, and all those other standard information pages.


ICTravelling can be purchased directly through the ICloudCenter site, where it retails at $59.38 USD. This vacation site PHP script is offered on a GNU General Public License, which ensures that webmasters will be able to modify or adapt the script to fit any website.

  • The Map screen offers a great, interactive tour search system
  • Admin have full control over listings, photos and additional information
  • The PayPal checkout offers a quick, easy and trustworthy way to book
  • This script is not as socially orientated as some... and it may benefit from a greater emphasis on sharing bookings through social media
Bottom line
ICTravelling is a simple, no-frills application, which nevertheless manages to fit a surprising number of features under the hood of a nifty little travel script. While the design may at first appear quite simple, there is a huge scope here for modification – ICloudCenter even provide help with customizations to their script, while the convenient programming language will mean that webmasters have no problem adapting it to fit any site you have in mind.

While it’s never going to look quite as professional as having your own tailor-made travel booking system, ICTravelling still isn't a long way off... so if you’re looking for a bargain script that will allow you to start taking holiday bookings right away, then this will come as the ideal solution!
Review Author: Richard Morten

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Richard Morten - Richard Morten is a freelance writer and self-confessed geek. His interests include travel, coffee, and spending way too much time on the Internet.
December 05, 2014
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