an e-learning platform and a new beginning for everyone

Today’s complicated world puts special emphasis on education. In fact, life-long education slowly becomes part of life with all new technologies that arrive on an almost daily basis. Yet as much as education is important it is really difficult to stay on top of the changes - in order to teach people something new you usually need a classroom, a teacher and plenty of time and money, which is not something that everyone has the opportunity to provide. Fortunately, there’s online education that easily reaches millions of people, saves money, and more importantly time. Still a question looms – which is the best online education platform?

Being the best is a really hard thing as something new and better comes out almost daily but when it comes to online education a great choice is Docebo's e-learning platform. It offers integration with a number of famous online services, useful features backed by technical support and the background of more than 12 000 organizations already using it including Accenture, Metro AG and Volksbank. Let's see what Docebo's learning software offers!

Looking at the features you will find out that the product is based on some useful technology that allows you to do everything that you need to teach effectively. For example this online training solution allows you to upload and easily share various training materials including PPT, PDF, SCORM and video files. Teachers can track users’ performance and progress using various reports including default and custom reports. The new e-learning platform also offers support for no less than 30 languages as well as easy user management with a single mouse click. It can't get any easier that this! Yet again you get absolute flexibility that allows Docebo's elearning solution to run with any kind of software - just open the included App Marketplace and add more features to your Docebo learning management system including productivity software such as ERP, CRM, HR solutions, web conference tools and many more. Now if you think that this is not enough then the platform also allows the user to buy and deliver more than 200 various training and educational courses right to your workforce. With so many courses synchronization may become a problem but the people at Docebo have also though about it – the e-learning platform has synchronization systems such as AdobeConnect, BigBlueButton and others. In addition this innovative learning software allows the user to sell online courses making money in the process so it offers a great business opportunity too. In fact, the useful features of this hosted solution are so many Docebo has included a downloadable datasheet on its web site that you can download and read when you wish to do so. Really Docebo’s e-learning platform is so flexible and full of features it will not leave you lost and helpless in the middle of your educational plans and goals! 

This useful learning management system (LMS) comes in two major versions – the Docebo SaaS and Docebo Platinum. The SaaS version targets between 5 and 2000 active users and has a monthly or an annual service while the Premium version targets 200 000 and more active users and has an annual plan only given the number of active users. As expected from a premium product the Premium version offers some features not found in the SaaS version such as a single tenant infrastructure with a dedicated firewall as well as advanced customization managed by Docebo. Even the SaaS version offers more than enough though - you get a help desk, software customizations, training on demand, a course marketplace, a customizable web address and more to get your educational courses going in no time! Users can also get a number of courses that can be downloaded off the Internet and installed free of charge such as Internet security, Management of meetings and many more. This certainly helps and saves money!

Such great e-learning software cannot be free and not surprisingly Docebo charges for it but pricing is a little strange – the price of Docebo SaaS depends on the number of active users that use the platform on a monthly basis with the price increasing along with the number of active users. Thus 5 active users per month will cost you USD 29/month, while 50 active users will charge you USD 170/month. The monthly price becomes negotiable when the active users go above 2000 per month. At the same time the price of Docebo Premium is unknown – to get a quote you must turn to the company. The product, however, includes some free products such as Google Apps, LinkedIn, Twitter, Wordpress and others on the Apps Marketplace but there are some paid apps too such as E-Commerce, which costs USD 29 per month

There’s a shortcoming with this software though – Docebo does not list the system requirements for this hosted software learning solution so you don’t know what it takes to run it. Support somewhat compensates for it – in case you run into problems you can either call the Docebo team (and yes, they have offices around the world so you may have one in your country) or e-mail the company and expect a response back. It’s up to you!

If we have to sum it up Docebo's e-learning platform is an all-around solution for teaching anyone new skills. It comes with a large number of useful features and courses, a cost-saving pricing scheme, two versions and fair support. Given all these positive features you can't really go wrong with it so just get it and train your employees to the next level!

  • A large number of features
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible
  • Support for 30 languages
  • Floating price
  • Free courses and applications
  • Excellent support
  • No price for Docebo Premium
  • No system requirements listed
Bottom line
A great educational platform with excellent features and support, a floating price and backed by a number of free courses and options. It will surely take your employees further when it comes to training and professional success!

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