Contalog SaaS
Contalog is a SAAS-based platform built for businesses to get into multiple digital selling channels. Contalog provides a one-stop solution for businesses to better their online and offline selling.

In terms of digital online selling, Contalog can be used to build ecommerce store for wholesale and retail businesses. Apart from an exclusive online store, Contalog can get mobile commerce app and exclusive B2B ordering Portal for customers. Moreover, Contalog can provide the API integration to host products in marketplaces as well.

For offline selling, Contalog provides two modern routines namely, a Field Sales App and app in-store management tool. Field sales app helps sales executives and marketers to showcase products on a tab and place orders on the go.

In-store management platform helps retail showroom associates to attract customers by exhibiting demos, provide customers with clear information and personalized offering by accessing order history, inventory etc.

Contalog is on Amazon by default but it can be deployed in third-party cloud or dedicated server too.
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Top Features of Contalog

Contalog Feature
A multi-channel digital commerce platform,Contalog aims at bringing retail businesses into online selling platforms. Justifying the word multi-channel digital commerce Contalog enables a business to • Build an ecommerce store • Mobile app • B2B portal for customers to place orders • Host product
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