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Online/Web/Mobile ordering and delivery system for restaurants, takeaways, caterers. Built on the Microsoft platform it can be customized to work with POS systems, multiple languages and is by default mobile-optimized.

The system can handle one or more restaurants making it ideal for any type of business scenario, from restaurant chains to online ordering portals for a group of indepedant restaurants. The functionality shown in the demo comes as standard, and includes photos for dishes, multiple versions of dishes (eg. beef/prawns noodles) as well as time checking, distance checking, and payment receipt with paypal or cash-on-delivery.

The cost is simple and trasparent. The one-off license fee allows you to use the system. It is provided ready to be filled-up with your menu, prices and business details, with orders reaching you via email on your computer or smartphone, or via sms or fax (cost per sms/fax applies) and payments for orders received via paypal or cash on delivery.

Modifications will only affect the setup cost. The fixed monthly cost remains the same. Examples of modifications already mentioned to us previously:
- Integration with POS systems or with your business bank account.
- Sending SMSs to customers when the food is on its way to them.
- System identifiying repeat customers and giving them a discount.
- Receiving orders on GPRS mini printer.
- Mobile apps: iPhone, Android, Windows mobile, Blackberry
- Multi-lingual ordering system in Chinese, Polish, Greek, etc
- In-Restaurant iPad menu-replacement ordering

Optional Extras
You can extend the system's functionality or add more features to make it work the way you want.

Customised for you: More functionality and features can be added to make it all work your way.

Link to Bank, ePOS, Printer: You could potentially link the system to your bank, ePOS or GPRS printer.

Mobile website & 360° tour: Get a revamped mobile-friendly site, or add with a 360° virtual tour.

Foreign languages support: From Chinese to Polish, the system can support more than one language.

In-Restaurant Ordering: The system could replace menus and allow direct in-restaurant ordering.

Other additional functionality:
- Data - Marketing & Offers
- Remind-Engage-Entice your regulars.
- Export order-data to Excel for analysis.
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