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Comm100 Network Corporation is an award-winning global provider of live chat, email marketing, and help desk software. Comm100 Live Chat is an enterprise-grade live support solution that enables brands to engage website visitors in real time interactions. The prominent benefits of utilizing our live chat software include higher website conversion rates, increased customer satisfaction, improved service efficiency, and lower operating costs. Trusted by thousands of global brands worldwide, some of Comm100’s top clients include G2A, Sears, Rogers, Stanford University, Whirlpool and Canadian government agencies. With “100% communication, 100% success” as our company motto, Comm100 is committed to ensuring that transitioning human-to-human interactions to real-life success stories is always possible in a digital world.
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Email Based; Life Chat; Phone Support; Tech Support 24/7; Ticket System; Trainnig
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Custom Modifications; Mobile Version Available
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