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Comm100 Live Chat, Comm100 Network Corporation

Comm100 Live Chat is an enterprise-grade live support solution that enables businesses to engage their website visitors when they need help most so as to improve conversions, sales and customer satisfaction.

Unlike traditional chat, Comm100 Live Chat allows you to establish rich and multi-media connections with visitors. Visitors can move easily from Chatbot to text and audio/video chat.

As a widely used e-commerce tool, Comm100 Live Chat can be used by the sales team as an effective way to identify and convert potential customers, as well as by the support team to address customers’ concerns in real time and provide superior customer service.

First released in 2009, Comm100 Live Chat has now grown to be a reliable product used by thousands of businesses around the globe. Flexible and scalable, Comm100 Live Chat works for businesses or organizations of any size and in any industry as long as they see the need of real time customer communication.

There are two independently deployed editions, one for SMBs while the other for large enterprises. Each edition caters to the unique needs of the specific audience.

For SMBs:
• Comm100 Live Chat has all the essential live chat features, powerful than most SMB solutions.
• Intuitive UI makes it easy to use for anyone.
• Flexible pricing makes it cost-effective for small businesses and easy to scale.
• Mobile friendly for both operators and visitors.

For Enterprises:
• Comm100 Live Chat for Enterprise is specifically designed for large e-commerce websites, call centers or customer service teams. It comes with a suite of tools for users to improve their customer satisfaction while reducing the cost, including advanced chat routing and allocation for handling large workload properly, auto visitor recognition for providing fast and personalized service, insightful KPI reporting for evaluating agent performance, 24/7 chat volume reports for staffing optimization, integration with GotoMeeting, Cisco call center, Avaya call center, etc. for providing multi-channel support and many more.
• Industry leading security mechanisms including strong password policy, IP restriction, Credit Card Masking, PCI compliant secure form, Visitor Single Sign-On, LDAP Authentication and more.
• Able to provide 100% uptime with the patent-pending MaximumOn technology.
• Multiple deployment options. Shared, dedicated, on-premises? Your choice.
• On-demand custom development is available with dedicated deployment and on-premises deployment.
• Onboarding, training and consulting: 24*7 live chat support, dedicated solution consultant, tailored training and 100% dedication to solving problems for customers.

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Top Features of Comm100 Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Optimize Your Live Chat Service with Chatbot

Chatbots are revolutionizing the face of customer service, and for good reason – a Chatbot can help you shorten your handle times, lower service costs, decrease agent training time and extend your business hours.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Represent Your Brand with Customized Live Chat

Comm100 Live Chat enables you to fully customize chat buttons and chat windows to represent the look and feel of your brand.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Monitor and Identify Visitors

Minimize visitor anonymity before a chat begins by implementing a pre-chat survey to collect important information about your website visitors such as first name, email address, product inquiry type, etc.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Automatic Chat Distribution (ACD)

With Comm100, you have the choice of routing chat requests by chat button, agent skill set, or department.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Comm100 Live Chat Integration

Comm100 Live Chat supports any multi-channel strategy for improving efficiency, innovation, and unification.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Real-Time Monitoring Ensures Quality Control

Comm100 provides a robust suite of enterprise-level tools to help you improve service quality.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Assign Agents to Specialized Departments

Dividing your chat agents into different departments with specific responsibilities encourages specialization, which cultivates faster and better service for your customers.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Performance Reporting

Comm100 provides a comprehensive array of reports packed with data that represent the overall health of your customer service department.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Optimize Efficiency

Comm100 Live Chat enables you to chat with website visitors in real time and offers a set of tools to help you increase chat efficiency.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Web, Desktop & Mobile Apps

Comm100 Live Chat provides multiple apps that help you provide instant online chat support to your website visitors regardless of whether you are working at your desk or on the go.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Proactive Engagement

omm100 Live Chat supports proactive chat invitation per your business rules. By engaging your website visitors through proactive chats, you can potentially turn more visitors into customers.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Get To Know Your Website Visitors

Comm100 Live Chat helps monitor your website visitors via its built-in visitor tracking mechanism.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Team Collaboration

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to get help from other agents during a chat session. This enhances your live chat team collaboration thus ensuring high chat efficiency.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Mobile Customer Service

Comm100’s mobile chat apps enable you to chat online with visitors on your iOS or Android mobile devices while on the go.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Talk with Agent Through Audio & Video Chat

The Audio & Video Chat feature in Comm100 Live Chat enables you and your customers to talk over chat at any time.

Comm100 Live Chat Feature

Immediate Customer Feedback

Comm100 Live Chat allows you to gain insights into customer satisfaction with the services they received by letting them complete a post-chat survey after chatting, which helps you gain valuable feedback and improve service quality.

License & Pricing Information
Team Plan: $29 operator/mo;
Business Plan: $49 operator/mo;
Enterprise: Request a Quote;
2 Months Off Billed Yearly Volume Discount Available
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Comm100 Live Chat, Chat & Messaging Comm100 Live Chat, Chat & Messaging Comm100 Live Chat, Chat & Messaging Comm100 Live Chat, Chat & Messaging
This product comes with
Email Based; Life Chat; Phone Support; Tech Support 24/7; Ticket System; Trainnig
Extra Services
Custom Modifications; Mobile Version Available

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