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Managing vacation rental properties can be a tricky business – you have to keep track of your assets, set and change prices, check arrival and departure dates, maintain databases, web sites, descriptions etc. This may create difficulties and quite a bit of overhead but fortunately the Bulgarian company StivaSoft has a great solution to all these problems - meet the company's Vacation Rental Script that helps you solve all these issues and move your business forward!

StivaSoft’s Vacation Rental Script is a really interesting vacation rental property management software that lets users do the job themselves – look for rental properties and prices, set arrival and departure dates and even make payments! This saves you a lot of work that you otherwise have to do yourself! Then again, you also have the option to manage all these things by yourself should you wish to do so. It is really up to you! Next to this flexibility the Vacation Rental Script relies on extensive functionality to meet your needs. This is why this real estate classifieds script offers a large number of useful features that will make your business management a lot easier. For example, you get a user-friendly intuitive back-end that has a number of options that allow for full customization of the platform. The list of great features continues with an integrated multi-language support module that meets the challenges of the global world. Moreover the multi-language module of StivaSoft's vacation rental software can easily be edited to meet your ever changing needs. Then you have Google Maps integration that allows you to pinpoint the exact location of the property you wish to rent out to someone not to mention the integrated payment system that makes the transaction finish as smoothly as it has begun. And there’s more and more to it! In a few words StivaSoft's Vacation Rental Script is one complete product that saves time, eases the management of your vacation rental business and creates happy customers that will not forget your excellent service in a long time!

The folks at StivaSoft take good care of their prospective customers too. They have included a live demo of the Vacation Rental Script right on their web site. As you can imagine the live demo shows you exactly how the real estate classifieds script feels and functions. You can see descriptions of properties, choose dates, set payments and many more. It, however, does not let you book two or more properties at the same time - yes, it will cost you some time to do this but the good thing is you won't get lost in prices and availability dates. The great strength of demo lies elsewhere though - it simply shows you how easy and pleasurable it is to use this the vacation rental software. The convenience of Vacation Rental Script goes so far that it shows you the daily rental price of a property right after you hover your mouse cursor over it. Nice, isn't it?

This property rental software is so easy and intuitive to use you will likely not need support but yet it is there just in case you need it. StivaSoft offers a Frequently Asked Questions list that has answers to most common questions including customization and payments but if you feel this is not enough you can simply contact the company and get professional help. Sadly, a phone number is not available but if this serves both sides well then it may be the better choice. 

Yet as surprising as it may seem Vacation Rental Script does not require that much to run. To take advantage of the program you just need PHP version 5.1 or newer and MySQL version 4.1 or newer for the User license. The Developer license requires the same software. Speaking of licensing. StivaSoft's real estate classifieds script is available in two versions as seen above - User and Developer. The User license grants you the right to use a single installation and gives you access to free installation support and free updates while the Developer license has all the features of the User’s license included along with some new ones such as access to the source code, copyright removal, multiple installations, and others. Pricing is relatively low – the User license can be yours for USD 69, while the fully featured Developer license will be yours once you pay USD 169. The entire purchasing process is straightforward as well – you must have a Paypal account in order to pay and once you do it then you get your software online – no need for CDs, mail orders and the like!


It is difficult not to like Vacation Rental Script. It offers you a great way of managing vacation rental property, extensive functionality and support, low price and quality. Even if it lacks something you can customize the software to suit your needs so you can’t lose a thing by buying it. Quite the contrary – getting it will surely put you on the road to success!

  • Powerful and flexible management system
  • Rich functionality
  • Relatively low price
  • Good support
  • Low system requirements
  • Live demo
  • Customizable
  • Lack of certain features
Bottom line
A straightforward powerful vacation rental property script that may greatly ease running your business while making it more effective. The combination of features, customization, low price, low system requirements and good support make it a must!

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