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The on-going worldwide financial and economic crisis has been creating extensive pressure on both job seekers and employers alike. One of the ways to alleviate this pressure is to look for a job or an employee online, which means that both sides and especially job search agencies and job portals must have access to simple, yet powerful job board software. A great example of such software might be SmartJobBoard – a straightforward and powerful software product that makes any job search out there easy

Created by the US-based company Keen Steps Inc. SmartJobBoard is not just any job board software. It strikes with its simple interface but behind this façade this software product hides a ton of options and perhaps more importantly unmatched flexibility. Combine this with the experience of the company that has created it and the successful implementation of the software by numerous companies and you just might have a winner in your hands.

The most remarkable feature of this software is its number of features for both job seekers and employers. It simply meets any demand out there. SmartJobBoard really does have an overwhelming number of features that have been split in a tree-like structure with categories such as General, Job Seekers, Employers, Admin features and others. Each category packs sub-categories - for example the General category hides a few, one of which is Powerful Search Engine. As you can probably imagine sub-categories are homes to many more features with the Powerful Search Engine alone offering 14 additional characteristics that allow the users to perform various searches based on keywords, locations and more. The other categories are not an exception since they follow the same pattern with a large number of features hidden in each one of them. Still not satisfied? Then try the provided plug-ins and add-ons for even more functionality – you can integrate SmartJobBoard with Wordpress, Twitter, various forums and even Google! Furthermore you can use this job board software with your iPhone or mobile phone or combine it with web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In addition Keen Steps Inc. offers free templates for use with SmartJobBoard but in case you don't like them you can get more - but at a cost of USD 300. Now that is what we call flexibility! 

The live online demos of the software are another strong point. Potential users of the software can see how it works right on the software's web site with no need for any software installations. Depending on the profile you wish to see job seekers and employers are provided an ID and a password to log in with and then experience the software on the inside. You can even see how it works on various platforms including iPhone. Everything is clean, straight and intuitive and in the same place. Prospective customers can even try the software for free for up to 15 days – but to get there a registration is required. Still it costs nothing to complete the registration form when the overall benefits could be huge. 

Another massive plus of this job board software is that it does not require much to run – all you need to have is a web server that runs Apache/Lighttpd/Zeus/LiteSpeed, PHP 5.3, MySQL 4.1.x or newer, a GD library and a few more things such as a few extensions. Really it does not take that much to run this piece of software, which adds even more to its value. 

SmartJobBoard is not all about flexibility and features though. It is based on solid ground - it has a number of other useful features one of which is that it is built on open source software. This means you can easily modify the software product to make it not only suitable for your business model but unique too. You also get constantly updated features that correspond to the latest trends on the job search market and meet the newest demands of both job seekers and employers alike. Users of the software receive careful SEO optimization tools such as SEO friendly URLs and meta tags. Finally SmartJobBoard offers full internationalization in as many languages as you may need. 

Sadly SmartJobBoard is not free – it comes at a cost but in order to ease the pain Keen Steps Inc. offers several versions of the product. The full version is the most expensive of all selling for USD 539 but for this money you get a free first installation, free tech support for 6 months and a one-year free software upgrade package. Other versions cost less and you can have one for USD 350 (iPhone) or USD 200 (mobile version) and here you also get a free installation. Going further down we find the various plug-ins sitting right on top of the USD 100 price spot. Keen Steps Inc. also has some more products such as a Facebook add-on but to get prices on these you must contact the company. All products can be purchased online.

 SmartJobBoard’s has a slight weakness though – some people may find it to have too many features and the learning curve especially for inexperienced users can be steep at first. You may have to spend time learning and tweaking options to make them fit your style. Also with so many options you may lose track of what's going on. Then again once you get to know the software you will love it for its capabilities and flexibility that can cover all aspects of the job search process. In the end it is better to have more of everything than not to have it, right? 

SmartJobBoard by Keen Steps Inc. is a product that you definitely should take a look at. It will surely meet your expectations when it comes to functionality. When you couple it with great support and decent prices SmartJobBoard may just be the product that you need to turn your job agency into a haven for both job seekers and employers with all the benefits just for you. 

  • Straightforward and powerful
  • Simple interface
  • A large number of options
  • Free 15-day usage
  • Low system requirements
  • Several versions for every taste
  • Not free
  • May be pricey to some users
  • Too many features
  • A steep learning curve
Bottom line
The powerful and simple interface combined with the low system requirements make SmartJobBoard a product that should be looked at. It may ease both jobseekers' and employers' lives for next to nothing, so if you want to advance in this field just take a look at it – you will like it!

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August 06, 2013
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August 15, 2013
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