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Tourism is one of the fastest growing economic areas in the world. The Internet, the globalization and the extensive development of airplane networks worldwide have made it possible to quickly get from one place to another, no matter where it can be. The big winner is tourism of course where it is now very easy to choose a holiday destination and be there in a matter of days.

 To operate a tourist company online, however, requires specialized software. There are many scripts now on the Internet that offer tourism functionality that includes creating tourist packages, reservations, booking planes and others and it is really hard to choose among so many offers. In case you have some hard time choosing then take a look at PHP Tour Script – a flexible solution for all cases and built on the latest technologies.

Speaking of technology this PHP tour script makes use of Zend Framework 1.12.x, which is one of the high-level PHP frameworks. Another tech tool found in this software is jQuery 1.8.x – a popular Javascript library. Finally take advantage ofAjax, CSS3 and HTML5 for the latest and greatest in online technology, which means one thing only – a good-looking, modern web site.

The good technology behind means plenty of functionality and PHP Tour Script does not disappoint. As the creators from Eicra Soft Ltd say, this online travel and tour reservation system is a custom built tool that covers the end-to-end operations of holiday divisions of tourism companies. This tour booking software can manage everything – inventories, car, air, hotel, activity and insurance operations and back office processes using a fully integrated reservation system. As to the features themselves they are too many to be counted so here are a few but important ones – a powerful search engine, flexibility for creating custom tour packages, price control, an integrated payment system, multi language support, stock control, freedom of using custom APIs and many more.

This PHP script tour package also offers its users a number of add-ons that will further enhance the functionality of the script. The add-ons are numerous and each one of them is packed with features that cannot be listed here but they will allow you to use product galleries, news and article publications, a dynamic add tool, project and file management and theme customization. As if this is not everything Eicra Soft Ltd offers ready-to-go templates that can be used with PHP Tour Script – they present you with configurable column layouts, configurable headers and footers, horizontal or vertical menus, selectable front page search and advance search options, complete documentation and video tutorials for the template installs and others.


It’s always better to see this functionality in action so here’s why Eicra Soft Ltd provides a free demo on its web site for all its prospective clients. The demo is extensive – it allows users to experience various sides of the reservation software. You can log in to see front and back ends, see how the booking system behaves for users, managers and affiliates and more. In case you get lost or encounter problems then use the integrated support system – and this one is broad too. Choose manual support, which gives an installation guide or use the help desk, which gives you professional assistance once you send a question. Furthermore you can use the support forums of Eicra, which may give information you won’t encounter in manuals. Finally just contact the company – what you will do depends on you!

Now Eicra Soft Ltd knows you will be making money off its PHP Tour Script so the company wants a share of the cash. Yes, that’s right and in case you haven’t gotten it yet PHP Tour Script is paid. The company offers two licenses – a general one that you can use on a single server only and a multiple domain license, which is self-explanatory – you can use this license on up to 5 servers. Both licenses share most of their specs – they offer features support, a single year of free support and upgrades and a 30-day money back guarantee but the general license lacks the free professional installation the multiple domain version offers. The general license costs USD 249, while the multiple domain license sells for USD 649. You can purchase PHP Tour Script online, of course, where you can download it after the payment process completes.


There’s isn’t much else to say about PHP Tour Script so let’s get to the eternal question – is PHP Tour Script worth it? It appears so. The script has broad functionality, the latest technologies out there, numerous useful add-ons and templates and good support. The price may be too high for some people, but it’s there and it’s there to stay. In addition Eicra Soft Ltd does not plan to release an unlimited server license.

So if you are looking for a really good tourist script for your web site, take a look at PHP Tour Script too. It might surprise you and it might as well be the software you need.


  • A long list of features
  • Modern technologies
  • Add-ons and templates
  • Good support
  • Somewhat pricey
  • No unlimited domain license
Bottom line
PHP Tour Script combines good support, new technologies and extensive functionality in a software program that has every reason to be considered a good choice for your needs despite its price.

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