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Today’s websites always combine two things - various content and Internet technologies such as PHP. But to stay current and competitive in an ever changing world, websites must be updated on a regular basis in order to refresh the available information. Despite all shiny technologies this is where some hard work steps in - website maintenance teams must insert new files into the existing infrastructure, which is usually tedious but responsible work. Fortunately for many people doing this the Canadian software company CuteSoft has an elegant and fast solution - the PHP File Uploader web script. 

PHP File Uploader is exactly what it says it is – a file uploading script that simplifies working with files that must be uploaded on the Internet. Designed to work with web servers of all kinds this convenient file uploading software offers features that can greatly ease your work such as the ability to select and upload multiple files at once instead of one by one, cancel running uploads and add new files during the upload process. In addition the php upload script itself is rather flexible which allows you to customize it in numerous ways so that it fits seamlessly into your website design.

All this is nice for sure but the people at CuteSoft Components have gone one step further! The PHP file upload script has a client side validation of the file size and the type of the file before you upload it, which saves you the hassle of uploading the wrong files and then deleting them, increases overall usability and reduces unnecessary usage of network and server resources. Another great feature is asynchronous file upload, which uploads the file in the background. This means you can still see the web page while the file gets uploaded. Furthermore PHP File Uploader offers a real time progress bar that keeps track of file uploads, shows you the progress and speed of the file upload and allows the end user to cancel file uploads in progress. Finally, this flexible and useful software allows you to upload files with no need to refresh the page! 

The best way to experience software features is to actually use them and this is why CuteSoft Components has included several live samples of PHP File Uploader features as well as a downloadable demo version of the script. Moreover, the folks at CuteSoft Components have added multiple screenshots of the file uploading software in action just in case you do not want to use the demo version or play with the live samples. 


CuteSoft Components also does a great job in the support department! The website of PHP File Uploader offers a broad FAQ section with answers to the most common questions. In case yours is not one of them then you can turn to the included PHP File Uploader developer's guide - an extensive manual of the software script that can answer nearly every question. Finally you can contact CuteSoft Components online or visit their office in case you are in Canada, but phone support is simply not there so don't rely on it. Instead, the Canadian software company offers live chat and while this is a nice option, phone support is better as it provides speedier help in case you bump into a strange problem.

Excited and want to run PHP File Uploader on your machine? Let's take a look at the system requirements then and there's a nice surprise waiting for you too as they are light and versatile! You just need a machine that runs Linux, Windows or Unix, Apache Web Server and IIS, and PHP 5.0 or newer. What’s even better is that PHP File Uploader supports a wide range of browsers including Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari and you don’t need the latest version of them to run this great php uploading script – it also works with older versions of these popular web browsers.

Getting PHP File Uploader is easy – prepare your Paypal account or your credit card and be ready to pay between USD 99 for a single domain license. There are more expensive options too depending on the license you need whether for a small company or a large enterprise. Thus, the IP license sells for USD 199 while the Small Business license retails for USD 299. The most expensive option is the Source Code license, which costs the hefty USD 3999. Once you pay you get this file uploading script online so there's no waiting for CDs to arrive, etc.

All in all, if you work with files on a regular basis then you should definitely take a look at PHP File Uploader. It is simple, powerful and fast and it offers licensing options that can suit any need. It does have some drawbacks such as non-existing phone support but the sheer number of features, the low initial price and the ease of use simply hide drawbacks. Most importantly PHP File Uploader can make your life a bit easier and this is what matters the most. After all, don't you want to live a little better?  

  • A large number of features
  • Flexible
  • Live samples
  • Downloadable demo
  • Very good support
  • Online delivery
  • Some versions are expensive
  • Missing phone support
Bottom line
A great piece of software with a number of features that ease file management and speed up working with files. The extensive number of features, the good support and the low cost of some versions definitely make PHP File Uploader a product you should take a look at!
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