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The easy way to start your own recruitment website!

Have you ever dreamed of running your own online job portal? Well, InOut CareerLamp offers you the chance of doing just that!

This script will allow you to establish your own fully-functional recruitment website, with members falling into two categories – employers who can use the site to post details of their available positions, as well as those using your site to actively look for work.

As such, this online job board will be the perfect addition to any industry-specific portal site... as you cut out the middle-man, and let your community form new working relationships through your own website! By offering a convenient platform for your users to meet one another, you’ll also be able to benefit from increased traffic that can easily be translated into advertising revenue.

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, perhaps we should start with a look at how the career script actually works. Let’s start with the basic interface, as we attempt our own job search using InOut CareerLamp.

Find a Job

The design of this job portal script is simple, and it really is built for convenience. A starting screen displays a feed of the latest jobs to be advertised, while the search bar takes pride of place on the page. Beneath that, visitors are invited to browse through case studies of ‘success stories’ posted by previous users.

As the user enters a search term into the query field, they’ll be prompted to specify a target country. This will bring up a list of results, with searches that can be filtered according to location, keywords, industry, experience, job type and salary.

Search results are listed in a clear and distinct fashion on the online job board, labelled according to industry, role, and with an overview of the key skills and experience required. Click on one, and we’re taken through to a full description of the role.

From here, there are some basic contact details provided for the employer... or we can just click on the big, green button labelled ‘Apply Now’.

However, this marks the end of the tourist-approved area of the recruitment website – to make an actual application, users will need to register for a free account and log their details on your system.

That done, the application process is simple. Check the job title you’re interested in, type a quick cover letter, and hit ‘Submit’! After that your users will just have to wait and see what the employers have to say.

Speaking of which, lets take a look now at the Employer section of the software.

Get Hiring

Logging into the online job board as an employer offers up a new set of search criteria. This time, we’ll be browsing through résumés of potential candidates!

The welcome screen features three panels – one offers a résumé search, another displays the jobs you’ve already posted. The third, meanwhile, details job applications that you’ve received.

This section of the script features everything you would expect to see, and nothing more – it’s simple, straight to the point, and very easy to use. Bringing up one of your job applications, for example, opens a dialogue box where employers will be able to ‘process’, ‘finalise’ or ‘discard’ each application. They can also view the profile of the user who applied, which offers handy links for getting in touch and finding out more.

Finally, we’re moving on now to look behind the scenes – with the Admin section of this career script.

Admin Panels

Here, the emphasis is on simplicity: the admin section of the site will allow webmasters to control all the above-mentioned features and functionality. The controls are reminiscent of the Windows system settings, with individual control panels neatly broken down into categories accompanied by illustrative icons.

Most of this is exactly what you’d expect from the back-end of a recruitment website. You’ll be able to manage currencies, monitor accounts, track your users’ activity or customise the theme of the script. There are controls for language support, customising the structure of your careers database and even an area for uploading ads to your site.

Suffice to say, the admin panel of this script seems to feature everything you might need in order to get the most from your new recruitment website!


You can pick up a copy of CareerLamp over on the InOut Software site, where it retails for $249.

  • The combination of jobseeker, employer and admin panels makes this a multidimensional and versatile approach to online recruitment.
  • Good functionality and clean design.
  • Plenty of features and a logical (yet thorough) job search engine.
  • Some of the forms are a bit basic, such as the cover letter system. This could have benefited from allowing attachments, or perhaps even a quiz-style interview process.
  • At $249, this certainly isn't a cheap script.
Bottom line
The big question is, does the clever design and multi-faceted approach of InOut CareerLamp justify the price tag attached to this career script?

Well, if you’re looking to establish your own online job board, this would be a fine way to do it. The script offers options for customisation, it’s decidedly easy to use, and there’s even support for ads.

So the ball is in your court, then – and if you think you’ve got what it takes to start a job portal on your own website, then we believe CareerLamp will make a highly worthwhile investment.
Review Author: Richard Morten

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Richard Morten - Richard Morten is a freelance writer and self-confessed geek. His interests include travel, coffee, and spending way too much time on the Internet.
June 10, 2014
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