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It’s hard to write about idev-VacationRentals – a software script designed and created by idevSpot – a company that sells such solutions online. It’s not that the software is bad – it just seems different and its web site is also unusual so you don’t really know where to start, simply because everything is shown so smoothly, easily, logically and shortly. 

idev-VacationRentals is a PHP script that allows users to create a vacation rentals listing directory. It offers a number of useful features that go as far as to allow even visitors to add their own vacation rental listings. As expected, idev-VacationRentals listing directory can cover small or large areas and allows you to use categories and free or paid rentals directories. But this is not everything – you can add a calendar with seasonal prices, a search engine and Google Earth views in 3D, free/paid upgradeable listings, unlimited sub-category depth, support for PayPal, customized content and more.


Apart from the internal software features, this vacation rentals listing directory is also backed by the company that has created it – idevSpot. As with every other software program, created by idevSpot, idev-VacationRentals enjoys a money-back guarantee, always free updates, the opportunity to use it on multiple domains, attractive pre-made themes, free technical support, no recurring fees, a free installation service and more. It all starts by installing this software on your web site. Then you must configure the software settings and add listings and that’s about it – you are good to go! Once installed and configured idev-VacationRentals will allow your visitors to add their own listings, while you can charge them for putting adds on your web site. After all, why not make some money the easy way?


idevSpot has definitely put an effort in presenting idev-VacationRentals. The company allows prospective customers to watch a video demo right on its web site to see how the software works, then you can take advantage of the included live demo that incorporates two modes – a Control Panel demo and a User demo. Not impressed or satisfied? Then look at some web sites that already use this software! As if this is not enough you can take a look at some theme styles that come included with this vacation rentals listing directory. Yes, the software is completely customizable too – you can use your own changes or use pre-made templates. Users can add their own graphics, logos, colors, headers and footers and fully integrate idev-VacationRentals into their web sites. It’s up to them! idevSpot has a nice surprise for professional developers too – if this is the case then you will have access to the source code of the software and you will have the opportunity to change anything and add your own functions and features.


As with many other scripts idev-VacationRentals is paid. It sells for USD 59.95 but if you are lucky enough you might be able to snatch it for less. Currently the software is available for USD 44.95 with the entrance of a special coupon listed on the software’s web site. Once you pay for it the company will deliver the files you need electronically. All you need to do then is upload them to your web site and install them with the entire process taking up to 5 minutes. In case you run into problems you can rely on the company’s support.

It is really difficult to find any negatives of idev-VacationRentals. The vacation rentals script is not expensive and requires a simple installation that takes just a few minutes. You also get a long list of features, full customization freedom, live demos, an online video demo to watch, easy delivery, a money back guarantee and the opportunity to add advertisement and charge users for placing content on your web site. Everything appears to be just fine and if you consider that you have to pay for it a fault, then think again.

idev-VacationRentals is a great solution for first time web site builders. It is cheap, easy to install, has good support, numerous features that can be customized and even a way for you to start making money right from the start. Even if you are not a starter you may benefit from using it so take a look at it and decide for yourself.


  • Easy installation
  • Customizable
  • A long list of features
  • Live demo
  • Good support
  • Paid
Bottom line
idev-VacationRentals is a great solution for first time web site builders that offers a number of features, easy installation, full customization options and good support. The software can even let you make money off your visitors! Definitely a good PHP solution for vacation rental web sites.

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