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A fully functional marketplace at your fingertips

Gold Classifieds offers a complete package for setting up your own marketplace, and then customising it to your taste. It seems to feature everything you’d expect to see from a professional online classifieds script, ranging from basic item listings through to services and a business directory script.

So let’s have a closer look then, and put this classified ads script to the test.

User Experience

Gold Classifieds offers everything you are likely to need from an online classifieds system. The Home Page is clean and clear, with a range of popular categories showcased for easy access to the item lists.

Users of Gumtree and other online classified ads scripts will find the layout instantly familiar, while the sensible design presents all the options you are likely to need: neatly laid out across one page. The software features all the controls that you might hope for from a professional free-ads or business directory script.

The navigation bar provides access to further sections of the site including Information and Category lists, regional Areas, a full list of Classifieds, as well as a Members area and, of course, an option for creating your own listing.

As you browse through this classified ads software, you’ll find items and listings broken down into a handy system of categories and subheadings. Pulling up one specific listing will show you stats such as the date and time it was created, as well as the total number of clicks it has received. Tags can also be added, providing a useful ‘indexing’ system that will allow for quick searching of the site.

Speaking of which, the search bar appears very prominently across the top of each window. Here your users will be able to enter their search term, as well as having the option to specify a particular area of interest. More advanced search options allow for further customisation, including fields for keywords and phrases, post code or city names and a specified maximum distance from that location. It’s possible to search items within a specific category, or within a given price range. As for results, these can be listed by title, description, date listed, popularity or price – and users can also specify the number of results that appear per page.

Making a listing using Gold Classifieds, meanwhile, is just as straightforward as using its search facility.

Users simply need to click ‘Make a FREE ad’ from the navigation bar, before being taken to a category selection screen – and then, another screen to select a geographic region. Following this an editing box appears, where users will be able to write – and format – their item or service listing.

There’s a range of further fields where additional details can be specified: add a URL, price, and keywords to your listing, or upload photos.

Gold Classifieds really is that simple to use, and its intuitive controls will have your users happily buying and selling in next to no time at all.

The Admin Perspective  

So that’s all very well, but what is Gold Classifieds hiding behind the scenes?

Well, the back of house area to this classified ads script features the same smooth design which makes the customer area such a joy to use. A menu running down one side of the page provides access to a number of different control panels.

Let’s start with ‘Classified Ads’. Here webmasters will be able to queue and create ads, import ads or search through the complete database. You’ll be able to create and monitor abuse reports, as well as keeping an eye on successful or pending orders and payments between users. The ‘Prices’ tab is also a neat idea, allowing webmasters to levy additional charges for special services – these include options for featured ads, bold text and additional images, all clever ways of topping up your earnings from the site.

Other tabs allow a webmaster to manage categories and areas, as well as viewing a comprehensive list of site users – this will be particularly handy when it comes to contacting your users either by message or newsletter.

Aside from that the admin panel features a number of options for controlling the configuration and appearance of your classifieds page. Another neat feature is the availability of a range of different themes, which will make it quick and easy to customise the appearance of your classifieds page – and ensure that it fits in alongside the existing design of your website.


Gold Classifieds can be purchased from the AB Scripts site where it retails from $140. It’s not the only script they offer, and you’ll qualify for some additional discounts when you purchase multiple scripts together.

  • Simple yet effective classified ads software
  • A strong structure allows for a varied range of products and listings, while search features ensure that everything remains easy to find
  • Broad ranging controls for managing the appearance and functionality of your classifieds system
  • The $140 price tag might seem a little steep... but then, you do get what you pay for.
Bottom line
If you’re in the market for a marketplace, then Gold Classifieds will present the ideal solution for setting up your own online classifieds. It’s easy to use, easy to integrate and easy to manage – and webmasters who purchase this script will find themselves facilitating sales in next to no time at all.
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