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Shopping online has become a really convenient way of finding what you want any time you want it! You don't have to waste your time and effort anymore visiting shops that just lack what you need - instead you get online and find what you need in just a few minutes!

This is especially true when looking for a car. Online car searches save potential customers an enormous amount of time and money while at the same time they give car salesmen access to a virtually unlimited number of potential car buyers. This is a win-win situation that is hard to deny!

But what happens if you want to start your own online business selling cars but you don't have the basics to do so? Just turn to StivaSoft - an innovative software company that just happens to have the right solution – specifically optimized car dealer website software that will get you up and running in no time! Say no to bloated clumsy auto dealer websites!

Called ezyCarDealer this auto dealer website software has everything you need to build a successful online car business. Let's take a look at its impressive features – you get an excellent car dealer website design with a very convenient content management system that you can edit using simple Word-like editors, an advanced search system that will allow your customers to find the exact car they want, a car inventory management system that makes it easy to publish all details on a vehicle, a SEO module to make your cars more visible on the Internet, a payment system that allows other people to publish ads on your web site and pay you a fee for doing so, a loan calculator and much, much more! In addition to this extensive functionality ezyCarDealer offers 15 nice and clean car dealer website templates that you can easily change using the integrated content management system. In a few words you get options galore that will surely meet your needs and will get you going almost immediately!

Interested? Then here’s how you can start using ezyCarDealer – StivaSoft offers two major versions of its auto dealer web site software. The free version is what you get – free software but with some limitations, which include three web design layouts, up to twenty cars listed online, free support, a content management system and your own logo. The Premium version gives you 15 web design layouts, an unlimited number of cars listed and in addition to the features of the Free version you also get three mailboxes and your own domain name. As you can see for yourself if you plan on running a small business the free version may suit you but if you are looking for something more then you should get the Premium one - although it will cost you USD 39 per month just to use it. Strangely enough, a purchase option is not included. Instead StivaSoft presents you with the opportunity to host your car dealer website. While renting ezyCarDealer may drain money on a monthly basis it's a good thing to have the software hosted - you don't have to worry about system requirements and to use it you just need a computer with an Internet connection. 

Support also seems to be on the flaky side but then again you may never need it especially in case StivaSoft hosts your car dealer website. Here's what you get if you need support – a very extensive FAQ list that touches nearly every aspect of the ezyCarDealer platform. If this is not enough you can contact the company directly via the product’s website with support being offered every weekday between 8 AM to 6 PM. A phone number and an e-mail address are not listed, however. Thinking about it, though, you should not worry too much about support as StivaSoft has wide experience regarding such software. For example the company has been in business for more than 10 years creating such software and winning more than 18 000 clients down the road. Still not convinced in ezyCarDealer’s qualities? Then take a look at the ezy-based websites published right on the product’s website and read the comments of happy customers and decide for yourself!



ezyCarDealer is easily a winning auto dealer website software. It offers ease of use, a number of useful features, the opportunity to get a website done and running in no time and the flexibility of two versions to choose from – a free one and a more feature-oriented Premium version. A nice feature that may make your life more enjoyable is the opportunity to have your car dealer website hosted by the parent company StivaSoft freeing you from system requirements and the need to support your website. At the same time this will cost you USD 39 a month for the Premium version but all the features and the ease of use offset the cost. All in all ezyCarDealer is a great product that will make the difference from having a real car dealer website and not having one. So if you plan on running such a business just get it - you have nothing to lose!

  • A complete car dealer solution
  • Easy to use
  • Extensive functionality
  • Support not required
  • No purchase option
  • Limited free version
Bottom line
An easy to use product with a number of great features that will get your car dealer website up and running in no time. It also does not require maintenance and hosting saving you time and effort in the long run. These two features make it the ideal product for a successful car dealer website!

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