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The car rental business has been around for decades and will be here to stay for unlimited time, it appears. After all there will always be people who travel to distant places and need an automobile for a week or two, or people who do not want to buy a car but need one. If there’s demand, there’s always someone to meet it and this is exactly what car rental businesses do. Lately most of this activity has been taking place online allowing both rental companies and customers various benefits – businesses know where their cars are and what their condition is, while customers can instantly check availability and prices. This is done by car rental software, so if you wish to run such a business you will surely need one such program. 

A good tool that will help you have your own car rental business is Car Rental Software by the Canada-based Webmyne Systems Inc. software company. The software solution is backed by more than 10 years of experience in the field and comes with everything you may need to run a car rental business. The first thing that you will see when dealing with Car Rental Software is that this car hire software offers flexibility, numerous features, an online demo, support and more.

Car Rental Software is tailor-made software that features a custom web design with user-friendly features that can be easily integrated with an already existing online reservation system. The solution does not require any advanced computer knowledge or skills and can be installed immediately. In addition Car Rental Software allows users to add or delete cars in their fleet according to the make, model and features. Featuring broad functionality Car Rental Software can handle reservations, manage bookings and other personal details, do inventory management, customer account management; create new profiles and accounts, charge rent and more. Depending on the features the software can offer different reports – the Rentals feature delivers reports on reservations, customers, contracts, quotations and more; the Reports feature delivers activity, utilization, availability, sales analysis reports and more; the Fleet feature can bring reports on servicing, maintenance, finance, purchasing, scheduling and more and finally the System feature reports on seasons and rates, extra fees, discounts, documents, companies, locations and others. In a few words Car Rental Software will surely keep you informed.

Another interesting feature of this auto rental software is that it has two versions that meet different requirements. The WinAuto version does not require an Internet connection but requires a network of multi-user environments. WebAuto does not support multi-users but runs on any computer, connected to the Internet, providing you with more choice and freedom. Both of them come with 30 days of free support.

To see how Car Rental Software meets your needs, Webmyne Systems provides a live demo on the software’s web page. The demo is fully accessible online and is divided in two parts – the Admin demo gives you access to Admin tools; while the User demo shows you how the software looks on the outside. Both are available with provided free passwords and can be used any time you want/need. If the demos are not enough you can take a look at the online video tour – this one’s there too.

Support has not been forgotten either – Webmyne Systems offers excellent support for its auto rental system. There are a few ways through which you can get assistance. The first one is through messaging – you can either e-mail the company or fill in the online contact form you will be presented with. Another way is to contact the company directly either the Canadian office or the Indian one. Finally there’s live chat on the web site but with this one you must keep in mind working hours, time difference and weekends.

By now you may have the idea that Car Rental Software is the perfect car hire system. Well, it’s not. First the web site of the software is not very well organized. Apparently Webmyne Systems offers a few more scripts of the same kind that share most of the specs with Car Rental Software. This is the reason why the web page of Car Rental Software does not offer that much information – instead you will have to check other web site pages to find the information you need. This is understandable given the many shared specs and features but then again it’s a hassle. The Car Rental Software costs USD 199 (although there’s a ten percent discount now). Once you pay for it you must wait 24-48 hours before you can actually get it. This is done for fraud purposes but means you can’t have your software right away. Also, the company does not offer refunds.

Car Rental Software is a nice car hire software tool that will get your car rental business on wheels. You will enjoy numerous features, good support and flexibility but be sure to take a good look at the software using its online demos to make sure it will work for you. After all no refunds are given and you do not want to spend your money for nothing, right? If it works for you, though, you will likely not be disappointed.

  • A long list of features
  • Online demo
  • Excellent support
  • Paid
  • Complicated web site
  • No refunds given
  • Must wait for software
Bottom line
Car Rental Software is a nice tool that can make your car rental business a success. It offers numerous features but check the online demo first to see if it will work for you or you may waste your money as refunds are not given. Overall Car Rental Software is a good program that can be recommended.

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