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Online bookings just got easy!

It’s amazing just how many hours can be lost on administrative work. If you’re in a field of business that involves booking time with clients, then no doubt you’re already painfully aware of the time that goes into taking calls, making appointments, managing a diary and sending out reminders… and that’s to say nothing of the huge waste of time which comes with missed appointments!

This new booking script from PHP Jabbers sets out to bypass that particular problem. By offering a smart, intuitive system for the processing of planning appointments online, Appointment Scheduler is able to take the stress out of managing your business appointments and calendar!

Let’s start by taking a look at the front end then, and seeing exactly what this business appointment script has to offer for your users.

Make a Booking – The User Experience

The front-end interface of this appointment scheduling script really couldn’t be simpler to navigate. Available services appear in the form of a list; each one displayed within its own box that details the nature of the service, a price, the typical duration and a short description. Once users have found the service they require they are then invited to click on a big green button labeled, “Availability”.

This brings up a secondary screen, offering a little further information along with the chance to review a complete booking schedule. Here users will be able to select their preferred time slot, which highlights in blue before they proceed to make a booking using the “Make An Appointment” button.


Rather than direct users to a different screen after this, the booking script instead uses a shopping cart system – provisional appointments appear under “Selected Services” in the bottom left hand box, from where these can be confirmed with one final confirmation screen.

Now it’s simply a case of completing the transaction: filling out a few personal details, before making a payment using, a credit card, a bank transfer or a simple PayPal payment. Simple! The front-end system works like a dream, and the clear, clean design makes this a foolproof interface to navigate.

Now let’s take a look behind the curtain, and see what options this appointment scheduling script has to offer for the webmasters putting the system into practice.

Manage Your Online Calendar

It’s refreshing to see that PHP Jabber’s Appointment Scheduler script is just as easy to use from the back of house, as it is from the front.

Webmasters land on the main dashboard screen, which is basically just one big calendar. Here you’ll be able to set up your available services, ready to advertise them through the front of house interface. Specify time slots and selected staff, allotting hours and schedules to your services offered.

There’s a logical system at play here, whereby each unit that appears on the screen can be individually controlled and set up from its own independent control panel.

Go to the “Services” panel, for example, and you’ll be able to specify the things that you offer, a price, a timeframe and the number of available employees. From “Employees” you’ll be able to add staff profiles, while “Bookings” lets you review your current list of successfully arranged appointments.


It’s all very logical, clearly laid out, and should be an absolute breeze to get the hang of.

However, the smooth functionality of Appointment Scheduler doesn’t end there. This smart little booking suite offers a number of additional functions, all of which can be customized and controlled from the back-of-house webmaster dashboard.

On top of allowing your users to book appointments and pay for them online, you’ll be able to set up automatic updates – your work timesheets will always be kept refreshed, while the ability to add your employees’ details to the script means that individual members of staff will receive a notification whenever their specialist services are requested!

Your Appointment Scheduler script will feed out detailed, colourful charts to help you keep an eye on your profits and bookings, while the addition of a developer-friendly license means that you’ll always be able to modify the look and feel of your appointment software to better fit the rest of your site.

Whenever your users book a service they’ll be able to sign up to notifications and reminders. Finally, the fully responsive nature of the script allows it to display beautifully on both Mac and PC, as well as tablets and mobile devices – making it easy for your users to book their appointment from home or while on the go.


You can pick up your own copy of PHP Jabber’s Appointment Scheduler from the official site here where it retails at $49, or $149 for the fully customizable development license


  • Easy to manage, even easier to use!
  • Developer license allows full customization of script
  • An extensive range of features will allow you to automate every step of the booking process, while reducing the need for internal company communications.
  • At just $49, it’s great value for money
  • Just to take this script to the next level, it might be nice to allow users to book an appointment using their social media accounts… and then follow up with the ability to share those bookings with friends, for greater exposure!
Bottom line
All-in-all, this is a comprehensively equipped booking software suite hidden behind a deceptively simple interface… and the perfect solution for any business hoping to automate the process of taking bookings, and pick up a few more customers in the process! We’re giving this appointment scheduler a big seal of approval.
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December 01, 2014
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