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The modern Internet is full of ads. They are everywhere because they have easy access to millions of people and generate a lot of money for web sites and their owners. Chances are your web site has them too so why not manage them better and have higher profit?

In case this is your goal then Ad Manager Pro, ad server software by the experienced company Phpwebscripts, has every chance to do a great job. Ad Manager Pro is a specially optimized PHP web script that manages all kinds of web site ads in virtually every way possible. Used mainly for ad management as well as sales and purchases of impressions Ad Manager Pro comes with tons of different functions in a bid to outmaneuver similar competing software. The list of functions is so extensive you can easily get lost but this also makes the software extremely powerful and flexible thus giving you total power over your web site ads. Really a great start!

But when you take a closer look you will find out that Ad Manager Pro truly arrives with some handy features. For instance this ad management software gives you rich statistics on every ad you have including graphical statistics. It also supports an unlimited number of ads and zones where you can place ads, an unlimited number of moderators and public pages that you can easily edit in any HTML/text editor. It gives you multiple ways to display ads be it in iframe, Javascript or PHP and the option to target ads by countries, time, days in week and dates. Security has not been forgotten either - you can ban IP addresses that try to enter the admin page with wrong data and you can delete risky files in case of need. Users also get an easy installation, numerous free updates, database backup, restore functions and more.

But guess what? These are just the main features! Phpwebscripts has prepared a bunch of other functions that affect advertisers and publishers as well. A major feature is the integrated automatic e-mail service that sends automated e-mails to new advertisers and publishers as well as admins. These users also get hit tracking, password/username reminders, required e-mail confirmations and much, much more. Finally let's not forget the opportunity to work with all sizes and types of ads and banners.

Despite the broad list of features Ad Manager Pro is not heavy on the system that runs it – all you need to make use of this ad management software is an Apache web server that runs PHP version 5.3 or newer, GD library 2.02 or higher (available in PHP by default), MySQL database 4 or higher and an optional FFmpeg library to convert uploaded videos to FLV format. Don’t worry though if you don’t meet the system requirements - the team that stands behind Ad Manager Pro is ready to help you by finding a solution especially for you. Now this is some great support even for potential customers!

Unsurprisingly for such great software Ad Manager Pro is not free. It does come at a cost but the good news is that this software is not expensive at all and then you have some options to save money on it! Phpwebscripts allows you to choose among three possible versions of Ad Manager Pro. For example your first time order for one domain will cost you just USD 99 but if you require installation then you should prepare USD 130. The version that comes with support for unlimited number of domains sells for USD 325 – a very reasonable price for the freedom of usage it gives you! You can also get the program as part of various software bundles that save you money but this will work for you only if you wish to purchase some other Phpwebscripts software. In any other case you will be better off buying a stand-alone version of Ad Manager Pro. The company has also published an online demo of the software that gives you more than a good idea how the program functions so rest assured that you can test the functionality before you purchase this ad management software.

 As with any other program that offers a ton of options, however, novice users of Ad Manager Pro may feel overwhelmed by all the functionality so expect to have some hard time trying to figure out the software. It also seems you can't manage multiple web sites simultaneously, which means you will have to play with the program on every site you own. But when you take the extensive functionality, the great support and the low cost of the script you simply can’t say Ad Manager Pro disappoints. It is exactly the opposite - this smart and simple to run software can easily turn your ad business into a winner. 

  • Extensive functionality and handy features
  • Low system requirements
  • Cheap
  • Online demo available
  • Excellent support
  • Not free
  • Possible steep learning curve
Bottom line
The combination of functionality, low system requirements and price make Ad Manager Pro an excellent choice when it comes to managing ads and making money. This is the fastest and easiest way to master online ads and make them work for you!
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