On the road to success
by Alexander Yovchev
Vacation Rental Script

Managing vacation rental properties can be a tricky business – you have to keep track of your assets, set and change prices, check arrival and departure dates, maintain databases, web sites, descriptions etc. This may create difficulties and quite a bit of overhead but fortunately the Bulgarian company StivaSoft has a great solution to all these problems - meet the company's Vacation Rental Script that helps you solve all these issues and move your business forward!

StivaSoft’s Vacation ...

start your car dealer business now!
by Alexander Yovchev
EZY Car dealer

Shopping online has become a really convenient way of finding what you want any time you want it! You don't have to waste your time and effort anymore visiting shops that just lack what you need - instead you get online and find what you need in just a few minutes!

This is especially true when looking for a car. Online car searches save potential customers an enormous amount of time and money while at the same time they give car salesmen access to a virtually unlimited number of potential car buyers. ...

an e-learning platform and a new beginning for everyone
by Alexander Yovchev

Today’s complicated world puts special emphasis on education. In fact, life-long education slowly becomes part of life with all new technologies that arrive on an almost daily basis. Yet as much as education is important it is really difficult to stay on top of the changes - in order to teach people something new you usually need a classroom, a teacher and plenty of time and money, which is not something that everyone has the opportunity to provide. Fortunately, there’s online education ...

a true management software blessing
by Alexander Yovchev

Today’s world is all about money. No matter what you do in your life most of it is dedicated to money and making more of it. Yet as much as money is important to all of us, it is as easy to lose track of it - forget transactions and costs, miscalculate income, expenses and taxes and ultimately get lost in numbers. This is the reason why anyone, especially businesses, need a helpful software tool in order to manage money professionally, save hassle and time and keep money-related things in ...

build websites with no effort!
by GeekyCorner Team

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could harness the power of the Internet anywhere without knowing too much about its internal workings and programming? Wouldn't it be nice if you could change your web site in a few minutes without knowing way too much about PHP?

The answer is definitely yes, but who’s to help in such situations? Actually there’s something that can help you - a really smart computer program called Scriptcase that generates website PHP code in no time!

Sounds too good ...

simply upload anything!
by GeekyCorner Team
PHP File Uploader

Today’s websites always combine two things - various content and Internet technologies such as PHP. But to stay current and competitive in an ever changing world, websites must be updated on a regular basis in order to refresh the available information. Despite all shiny technologies this is where some hard work steps in - website maintenance teams must insert new files into the existing infrastructure, which is usually tedious but responsible work. Fortunately for many people doing this the ...

Review and rate anything!
by Alexander Yovchev

Have you ever felt the need to voice your opinion? You sure have and while in real life it may sometimes be hard to do so, the Internet is the perfect place to make your opinion heard. It does not matter how - be it on your own web site or on some other place. But in both cases Concordia Enterprises has a really nice solution for you - the company's reviews and ratings system.

Also known as Censura the reviews and ratings system offers something for anyone. Just like many other software products ...

Making appointment management a pleasure
by GeekyCorner Team

Client appointments of all sorts are crucial to small business owners, who offer a number of services. It can’t be any other way as they set the stage for live client interaction later in time, make the entire business tick and generate money. Yet it is often difficult to handle appointments as they are easy to forget and hard to readjust if such need arises. Fortunately a company known as Hitcode is here to help with its wonderful hitAppoint appointment scheduling software.

Purposely developed ...

The absolute in e-mail marketing
by Alexander Yovchev
Absolute Newsletter

If you are into online marketing and sales and want to reach thousands of potential customers then maybe you should try Absolute Newsletter by Xigla Software. "Why?" you may ask. A good reason would be because it is simple, powerful and light on your software budget.

Absolute Newsletter 7.0 is the latest version in a long-running line of online Newsletter Management software packages created by Xigla Software. Built by using experience from previous versions Absolute Newsletter 7.0 relies ...

Make ads submit to your will
by GeekyCorner Team
Ad Manager Pro

The modern Internet is full of ads. They are everywhere because they have easy access to millions of people and generate a lot of money for web sites and their owners. Chances are your web site has them too so why not manage them better and have higher profit?

In case this is your goal then Ad Manager Pro, ad server software by the experienced company Phpwebscripts, has every chance to do a great job. Ad Manager Pro is a specially optimized PHP web script that manages all kinds of web site ads ...

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