Kanvse SaaS
Kanvse is a company wide, real-time task management platform that helps businesses to assign, organize, approve, and monitor workflow. With it's intuitive design and user friendly interface, users can easily access helpful tools to improve collaboration and productivity.
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Top Features of Kanvse

Kanvse Feature
Our platform works towards helping users optimize performance by allowing them to customize their workspace according to their needs. Creating custom views with specific filters allows the user to sort projects or tasks for quick references and comparisons.
Kanvse Feature
Kanvse promotes a fully collaborate experience across the company. Add users and sort them by departments.
Kanvse Feature
Delegate tasks to multiple users and assign approvers for a fully collaborative experience. Upload and attach pictures or files, write personal notes, and have team discussions all on Kanvse.
Kanvse Feature
Carefully designed for user-friendliness, Kanvse includes on-screen instruction boxes so that users can learn as they go. No separate tutorial or guides are necessary as Kanvse works hard to ensure an easy to use platform so that you can get started right away!
Kanvse Feature
Create communities to interact with users on specific topics or shared interests.
Kanvse Feature
The dashboard page allows users to easily and quickly see an overview of their ongoing tasks.
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