Docebo SaaS
Docebo is an e-learning platform that allows you to upload and share various training materials including PPT, PDF, SCORM and video files. It easily integrates with Salesforce, SAP, Webex etc. and is available in over 25+ languages. Docebo's extensive reporting feature (general and custom reports available) allows you to track track users’ performance and progress. Docebo is available as a SaaS (hosted) and a Platinum version. The SaaS version allows for 5 and 2000 active users and the Platinum targets 200 000+ users.
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Top Features of Docebo

Docebo Feature

Course Statistics

Use Docebo's default and custom reports to track your user's training performance.

Docebo Feature

User friendly interface

Available in over 25 languages, Docebo's interface is yet easy and intuitive. Manage your user's training with a single mouse click.

Docebo Feature

Upload any kind of training material

Docebo e-learning platform allows you to upload and easily share various training materials including PPT, PDF, SCORM and video files. 

Docebo Feature


Docebo works and integrates with various productivity software-ERP,CRM,CMS, web conferencing tools, etc.

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