A Yiftee™ is a gift sent by smartphone or web. Yiftee™ enables shoppers to send friends, family and co-workers gifts at favorite local businesses across the United States to say Thanks, Happy Birthday, Thinking of You and more.
Supporting local merchants one gift at a time!
by Irina Georgieva
September 20, 2013
Aldo Briano

Aldo Briano is the co-founder and product lead for Yiftee, a social gifting app that provides a different kind of gifting experience by supporting local merchants.

I sat down with Aldo to talk about the creation of this exciting new app, coolest features, how he uses it, and why we all need to start "yifting".

You created Yiftee™  during your final year at Stanford University, what's your background and have you always been involved in app development?

I’ve always been fascinated with technology, especially computers and programming.   My first programming ...

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