Galilea3 is a micro-jobs marketplace where creative people can sell their services online in 7 different languages for prices starting from 3 euros. It is the only international platform for selling gigs where language barriers are reduced to the minimum, enabling both sellers and buyers to reach markets previously not available to them. Gigs (jobs) or requests for services can be posted in English, German, Russian, French, Arabic, Spanish or Polish. Joining Galilea3 enables you to get things done at prices that suit you or start making money online in places you never imagined. Galilea3 really connects the world.
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Submitted on Jan 2014
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your multilingual service exchange platform
by Irina Georgieva
February 17, 2014
Churchill Madyavanhu

Churchill Madyavanhu, co-founder of Galilea3 opens up to GeekyCorner and shares with us the benefits of their multilingual service exchange platform, how it all started, and what makes Galilea3 unique.

You recently founded Galilea3, what's your background and have you always been involved in web development?

Both co-founders of Galilea3 have a technical background, as holders of a master’s degree in technical fields. I, on the other hand, hold a master's degree in Civil Engineering and have a day job as a Math and ICT teacher! However, I've always had a passion for technology; ...

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