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Extreme Search Engine, ExtremeCorporate
Search engine software with free and Enterprise Edition that allows you to have Pay Per Click, Pay Per Month, and Pay Per Impression Listings. Add a powerful search to your website and enable your visitors to easily find what they are looking for. Extreme Search Engine comes with a spider and template themes, multi-language support, Real-time Twitter results, and many more features.

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Top Features of Extreme Search Engine

Extreme Search Engine Feature

Easy Admin panel

Through the back-end admins can manage everything from system's settings and templates to languages, statistics, and advertising options like Pay Per Impression, Pay Per Month, Pay Per Click

Extreme Search Engine Feature

Real-time Twitter results

The powerful system allows for Real-time Twitter results to be displayed with the search

Extreme Search Engine Feature

Multi Language support

Select from 16 pre-installed languages or add more if you wish

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Extreme Search Engine, Miscellaneous Extreme Search Engine, Miscellaneous Extreme Search Engine, Miscellaneous Extreme Search Engine, Miscellaneous
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