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Interactive Image Gallery is a great asset for each website - you can use it for pictures presenting multi-component technical equipment, furniture, accommodation services, real estates, etc. Your interactive images will load perfectly on any end-user device thanks to the responsive front-end design. Users can place different types of hotspots (icons, thumbs, boxes) on selected points or elements of their images and add related background details or close-up thumbs. Each image has a separate installation...
If you want to hide specific resources on your website and grant access to members only, our PHP user login script is just the right tool for your needs. Use Member Login Script to create different contents on your web pages, upload files, and protect them via a simple login form. You can install the login and registration forms on multiple pages using separate integration codes. If you get the script with a Developer Licence, you can make your own custom modifications.
Do you want to provide secure payments to customers rather than collecting and storing their details on your store to get payments through own system? Magento HDFC Payment Gateway extension by MageComp allows you to redirect customers to a secure environment of HDFC payment gateway and proceed payment without the tension of insecurity of their credit card details or theft. This payment method helps you protect customers’ transactions from any kind of unwanted assaults and build trust.

Store owners sometimes need the requirement to offer discounts on bulk purchase. Magento Tier Price extension by MageComp extends default Magento capabilities of adding tier price and allows showing quantity along with the dynamic price in dropdown on product view page. This concept of showing dynamic pricing helps customers to select quantities set by you.
Transferring all the orders from a Magento store to another is really a time consuming and skillful task for store owners. If it is not done properly, you are risking you order data or mal function. Magento Order Import Export extension by MageComp provides an easy to use module to move all the order data along with related customers, shipments, invoices and credit memos. With the use of it, you can safely move order data from one store to another.
Sometimes providing shipping to some level can be impossible by means of some constraints like bulk purchase, distant area, small product purchase and many more reasons. This arises need to apply restriction for shipping. Magento Shipping Restrictions Pro extension by MageComp allows you restrict shipping for such reasons and create unlimited conditions to limit use of shipping.
Start Your Own Marketplace or digital store with JOOJ Market and Easy Digital Downloads

This hand crafted, bloat-free, scripts was built specifically for you to open your own marketplace online at a very low cost. Utilizing the power of the FREE and very popular Easy Digital Downloads plugin, you can sell anything digital including items such as videos, music, digital art such as icons, filters, templates, themes, or photos etc.

JooJ Marketplace is a perfect scripts for any martkeplace website....
Do you include various service provider fees in product price and make products pricey to buy for customers? If yes, Surcharge by MageComp is the best solution for you. Surcharge extension allows you charging payment and service provider fees, credit card and other charges in an easy and transparent way without increasing product prices. The extension even facilitates to add surcharge based on various criteria such as minimum order amount, customer groups, country or region fees and product surcharge.
Do your customer ever complain about or abandon due to pricey products on your store? If yes, Partial Payment by Magecomp is really what you need. Partial Payment extension allows customers to make down payment, get product and pay remaining amount in one or multiple installments defined by admin. It provides customers the convenience of payment so they are encouraged to buy more at a time.
Custom option is an amazing feature used to provide extra services, additional options to a product in Magento. Assigning custom options to each individual product is a tiresome task. Magento Custom Options Templates by MageComp automates this process of adding custom options through a template. Extension simply lets you create template and assign multiple products with the same custom options.

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