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Pixaria Gallery, Evolusent
Pixaria Gallery is a user friendly web based image gallery software that makes it easy to publish, distribute and sell images online.

With features like automated image thumbnail generation, duplicate file monitoring, batch and bulk file editing tools, user access control, multiple file upload, password protected and private galleries, instant download delivery and advanced reporting tools among many others our image gallery software is one of the top choices in its category.
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System Requirements

PHP 5 or above;
MySQL 4.1 or above;
GD 2.0.35 or above;
ImageMagick (recommended);
FreeType library with GD FreeType linkage (recommended);
Zlib library (recommended).

Top Features of Pixaria Gallery

Pixaria Gallery Feature

PDF Gallery export sheet

Our Photo Gallery Software allows you users to export their galleries to a .pdf file

Pixaria Gallery Feature

Shopping card

Users can choose a photo of their choice, pick a quantity and easily add it to their shopping carts with our online Photo Gallery Software

Pixaria Gallery Feature

Fast Search engine

Search within a search to refine large result sets. Fast search engine with boolean search, and configurable fields

Pixaria Gallery Feature

Password protected galleries

You can password protect your galleries and only certain users can view them

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Pixaria Gallery, Photos & Images Pixaria Gallery, Photos & Images Pixaria Gallery, Photos & Images Pixaria Gallery, Photos & Images
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