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b1gMail, B1G Software
b1gMail is an easy to use web-based email system. Packed with features like intelligent folders, filters, autoresponder, HTML mails, attachments, WYSIWYG editor, easy to use user interface, address book, to do list, and much more.

The administrator can manage users, groups, and other preferences through the back-end panel. The system offers fax support as well as * Smarty template engine *
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Top Features of b1gMail

b1gMail Feature

User friendly admin panel

The easy to use Administration Control Panel allows Admins to manage users and groups, views statistical data, manage ads, coupon codes, the FAQ list, individual profile fields, and a lot more.

b1gMail Feature


The Webdisk feature enables users to manage their files and folders. It plays the role of a conventional folder on your hard disk. The Webdisk supports Copy, Cut and Paste operations. Users can aslo share their Webdisk's content with friends if they wish.

b1gMail Feature

Anti spam feature

b1gMail contains powerful spam filters and Anti Virus software. Users can configure b1gMail to delete the mails, move them to a special folder, or just flag them with a warning symbol.

b1gMail Feature

Virtual Office

Stay organized with b1gMail! The system has a personal organizer module that lets you manage your daily routine. Use the calendar and schedule your day, manage your tasks, notes, etc. with this easy to use webmail.

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b1gMail, Email Systems b1gMail, Email Systems
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