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Magento Product Sorting extension allows store owners to increase their products catalog filter by adding new like best seller, most reviewed, hot products, popular, etc. This extension allows you to increase traffic on hot sellers by displaying them in main catalog page. The more traffic you drive on hot product the more will be the sales.
This PrestaShop One Step Checkout Process changes the whole shopping experience by allowing the customers to enter shopping details at just one page. Customers can also communicate with the e-merchant from the same page. Thus eliminating all the confusions between customers and web-store owners. Guest Checkout is also available if some customers want to place order without registering. Visit the demo to get more information about this quick checkout module.
Build your renting equipment ecommerce platforms with this high performing rental software.
Advanced and scalable our equipment booking system is designed to improve conversion and performance. This equipment rental software allows you to manage your own ecommerce platform for renting all range equipment tools, outdoor equipment, sports equipment, construction tools, etc. The script can be easily integrated into any website.
Shop by Manufacturer Magento extension allows store owners to create individual page for every brand available on the website. People are becoming more brand conscious thus allowing your customers to search and buy the products from their favorite brand at ease. By using this extension the store owners can create a landing page where all brands are listed. The store visitor can search or find their favorite brand page by browsing page by alphabetical order.
Create your own multi vendor marketplace for your eCommerce store with apptha's new updated version of marketplace script which is developed extensively with more added features like security, available with android & ios store apps, speed to impress customers. Also, with this plug-in, the owners can easily earn additional revenue by setting up commission fee for every vendor added to the marketplace.
This PrestaShop Testimonial Add-on helps the e-merchants to show and manage customers’ testimonial on their e-store. This plug-in gives full fledge configuration and customization access to the admin which can represent the comments in listing and detail view. New customers can view, rate, like/unlike and can comment on any existing testimonial. Also they can submit their own reviews by clicking the add button resulting in opening a pop-up light box where visitors can add testimonial after entering...
This PrestaShop Activity Feed Module allows the e-store owners to show their Facebook official page activities right on their e-store i.e. shares, likes, recommendations etc. These activities are shown in a configurable light box on the home page of e-store. Viewers can see these activities when they are logged-in on your website.
Stock alert is a email notification Magento extension to let store owners to subscribe for the email alert for out of stock products. This module let e-merchants to keep their customers on wait for sometime if the product is not available in the store and send an automatic email once the new stock arrives. This reducing the number of customer that one may loose when product is not available in the stock.
This PrestaShop CSV Pricing Module helps the e-merchants to calculate the prices of variable sized product i.e. blinds, banners, curtains, fabrics, floor, rice etc by using a CSV file. Prices of these products/materials depend on dimensions/sizes and web-store owners have to define the prices in a CSV file and attach it at the admin. This plug-in gives the facility to the admin for attachment of multiple CSV file with multiple products or Single CSV file with multiple products.
This PrestaShop Custom Checkout Fields helps the web-store owners to create different input/output fields on the order/checkout page of their e-stores. Following fields can be created with this plug-in:
1- Text field for any type of short description
2 - Text Area for any type of long description
3 - Date of Order Placement
4 - Yes/No for any type of information
5 - Multi-selection of information
6 - Auto Validation is also performed automatically when customers input a field.

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